Organic baby rice cream - Holle 250g

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  • Organic rice porridge
  • Perfect digestion
  • Ideal before training
  • From 4 months for babies
  • The best rice cream on the market
Provide your snacks with a 100% natural source of energy, quick to digest, at any time of the day thanks to our hydrolyzed rice cream. Ideal for infant feeding. Voir plus
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Organic baby rice cream - Holle 250g

3,50 €

Organic baby rice cream - Holle 250g

3,50 €
What is it?

Organic Rice Porridge HOLLE is an instant preparation of Demeter-certified organic wholegrain rice flour.
This rice cream can be used from 4 months for baby food, as it is easy to digest.
Very well tolerated, it is easily assimilated by children's bodies.
It is therefore very interesting before training for its speed and ease of digestion.
With this rice cream, train without discomfort and with full energy.
Rice cream is composed of organic wholegrain rice cereal which is digestibly prepared and suitable for a baby's growth. Cereal starch, carefully treated with gentle heat and humidity , allows perfect assimilation.

Holle cereal-based foods are carefully treated with heat and humidity so as to obtain a digestible substance perfectly adapted to your child and adult and easily assimilated by his body. Holle cereal foods are prepared from organic whole grains, which means that the flour of the cereal, its germ and its precious layers are used; the nutrients and active substances are therefore considerably preserved.

Holle, a partner for quality organic food for babies and adults.

Strong with an experience of more than 85 years. Holle is the first manufacturer of Demeter-certified infant foods. From there comes this desire to protect animals, the soil and the environment, and to act fairly with people.

The infant's digestive system is still immature. Their products are therefore developed with the greatest care and contain natural and organic ingredients.
Thanks to a gentle process, they transform whole cereals until they obtain flakes, while preserving as many precious nutrients as possible.
Holle is one of the oldest baby food producers. The Swiss brand offers foods from biodynamic or organic farming.

Each baby food is guaranteed free of ingredients produced by genetic engineering, no added sugars, no added salt, no artificial flavors, no colorings, no preservatives.
The special Demeter quality
The cultivation soil is maintained and cared for with plant preparations. The growth of the seed is adapted to the biological rhythm of its species. Thus, the ripe fruit contains all its vital and energetic force. Products grown in this way are natural and have a restorative and vitalizing effect, which primarily benefits infants and small children.

Values nutritional


Whole rice flour* 100%, thiamine (vitamin B1) (in accordance with regulations)
*from organic farming

Advice for adult consumption:

Add the desired quantity in a bowl, add cold or hot water little by little while stirring until obtaining the texture of a "cloud"

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