Rice cream - Snackfit 900g

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  • Hydrolyzed rice cream
  • Perfect digestion
  • Ideal before/after training, in the morning or as a snack
  • With a hint of sucralose
  • No additives
  • French made
Provide your snacks with a 100% natural source of energy, quick to digest, at any time of the day thanks to our hydrolyzed rice cream. Voir plus
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Rice cream - Snackfit 900g

18,90 €

Rice cream - Snackfit 900g

18,90 €
What is that ?

Snackfit Rice Cream is a quick preparation based on hydrolyzed rice sweetened with sucralose, Made in France.

This makes it gluten-free, low in salt, lactose-free and very low in fat.
It is suitable for many diets but also helps many people with allergies and who also have digestive problems.

With its ultra simple composition , it is the perfect food to provide your meal with a 100% natural source of energy, quick to digest at any time of the day.

Unlike conventional flours, it allows better digestion and a significant reduction in digestive disorders.

It becomes your best ally when you're in a hurry and you don't have time to eat because it can be prepared in 5 minutes.

Also, very useful during your weight gain when you do not have much appetite.

It is therefore very interesting before / after training as well as in the morning for its speed and ease of digestion, with this rice cream, train without discomfort and with full energy.

Snackfit rice cream also contains no endocrine disruptors or additives such as:

- soy lecithin (deforestation)

- guar or xanthan gum (additive)

- carboxymethylcellulose (carcinogenic additive)

- acesulfame-K (disruptive additive)

- synthetic flavor (additive)

- maltodextrin (sugar)

- silicon (additive)

- phosphate (additive)

- citric acid (additive)

- cellulose gum (additive)

- colorant (additive)

- salt (not necessary)

The snackfit rice cream is also available in a fully recyclable bag.

Suggested preparation:

1: Boil your liquid, i.e. 100 ml
2: Add 30 gr of rice cream
3: Mix until the preparation is homogeneous
4: Leave to stand for 5 minutes, for cooking the rice
5: Taste a real gourmet rice cream
Precautions for use:
– Keep out of reach of children
– Store away from moisture and in a cool, dry place
– To be consumed as part of a healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet.
Nutritional values


Rice extract: sweetener: Sucralose
Made in France

The opinion of the health professional

Reviews of tristank-coaching

Rice cream is increasingly used in the fitness world, its ease of use and its highly digestive function (used for infant feeding) makes it a product of choice to include in your diet menus.

It can be used for breakfast, before / after training or as a snack.

It is a product that I use every day, and that I put on almost any student/athlete for its ease of digestion as well as its speed of preparation.

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Marie Villemot
Péché mignon

Ma préférée ! Crème de riz + Whey framboise mon pré work out fav

Marine Hurni Becker
Texture folle

J'ai testé pas mal de crème de riz et celle-ci est celle qui a la texture la plus sympa. Ca ne fait pas paquet et ca se dilue super bien. J'étais sceptique car goût nature mais ca passe super bien. Sinon mélangé avec de la whey cacahuète, ca donne un super goûter


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