Yamamoto Dextrose - 1kg

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  • Quick release energy source
  • Carbohydrates support intense workouts
  • Promotes recovery after exercise
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Rapid absorption
Promotes recovery after exercise. It is especially suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Voir plus
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Yamamoto Dextrose - 1kg

11,90 €

Yamamoto Dextrose - 1kg

11,90 €
Product Description

Carbohydrates are an important source of energy for the body, and our dextrose powder is a great supplement to refuel them and set you up to achieve your athletic goals.

Dextrose is made entirely of dextrose powder. It is a sweet tasting carbohydrate, ideal for recovering after an intense training session. Consume during training to have a source of energy close at hand.


Dextrose is an excellent source of carbohydrates before, during and after training, it has a positive effect on muscle recovery after very intense or prolonged physical exertion.

It has been designed for rapid absorption to help your muscles recover after a workout, so you can keep going through the sessions.

This carbohydrate powder is your best training ally to achieve your athletic goals.

Our Dextrose has been designed for people who want an ultra-fast and convenient carbohydrate source.

Dextrose is gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans/ vegans: it allows you to fill up with glucose whatever your diet.

Nutritional information Trait or


Directions for use: For best results, we recommend adding 1 large 50g scoop with 150-250ml of water after exercise.

Or add 30g to your intra-workout drink for energy on hand.

Warnings: Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as substitutes for a varied diet. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Keep out of reach of children under three years old. Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature.

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