Enerboost - Alphazer 60caps

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  • Increase in concentration and alertness for 5 hours
  • Energy booster to improve focus, boost energy and promote better mental and physical endurance.
  • Made with NewCaff™ certified time-release microencapsulated caffeine
  • With added enXtra™ certified Alpinia galanga
Caffeine and Galanga to effectively tackle tasks that require optimal focus Voir plus
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Enerboost - Alphazer 60caps

18,90 €

Enerboost - Alphazer 60caps

18,90 €
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What is it?

Enerboost is a food supplement based on micro-encapsulated caffeine NewCaff™ with prolonged release which, combined with the extraordinary properties of Alpinia Galanga Enxtra ™, is a real energy booster that is appreciated by athletes or people who have to endure difficult tasks, such as physical work or requiring great concentration.


Caffeine is a natural energizing substance historically appreciated and used in the sports world. Caffeine is a performance-enhancing supplement widely used by athletes and non-athletes alike.

Unfortunately, current European regulations prevent us from communicating the benefits of caffeine . Nevertheless, this has been studied by science, so we invite you to consult the various scientific data (eg: reference 1; reference 2 and reference 3 ).

NewCaff™ is a new source of microencapsulated caffeine ➻ It allows a progressive release of caffeine, increases the duration of effectiveness of caffeine and avoids the backlash.
➻ It masks the bitterness of caffeine.
To learn more about this label, click here enXtra® enXtra® is extracted from the rhizomes of Alpinia galanga - the food spice - selected and grown on hilly terrain free from industrial pollution, grown without pesticides, authenticated by DNA, naturally dried at high altitude , stony ground close to the farm, for responsible sourcing. enXtra® is obtained by gentle, solvent-free extraction to obtain an optimal concentration of bioactives. EnXtra® is the first and only botanical ingredient proven to provide same-day effect and improve alertness and focus for up to 5 hours with and without caffeine. To learn more about this label, click here
Nutrition information

Warning: Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as substitutes for a varied diet. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Keep out of the reach of young children. Do not use in pregnant women and children or for long periods without consulting a doctor. Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature. Avoid exposure to heat sources and sunlight.

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