White organic sweet potato flour - 750g

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  • Moderate GI Organic Gluten Free
  • Nutrient concentrate: 5kg of organic sweet potato = 1kg of organic flour
  • Sweet potato pancakes for breakfast or as a snack
  • No "earthy" taste
  • Ideal as a replacement for all industrial flours
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White organic sweet potato flour - 750g

15,90 €

White organic sweet potato flour - 750g

15,90 €
Product description

Sweet potato is an ingredient appreciated by athletes and anyone concerned about staying healthy.

Sweet potato powder concentrates all the nutritional qualities of sweet potatoes and can replace conventional flours containing gluten and rapidly assimilated carbohydrates.

By producing our sweet potato powder from In a biological way, we provide your body with an excellent source of slow-assimilation carbohydrates and a source of fiber beneficial for the body.

  • Sweet potato, adored by athletes for its nutritional qualities

  • Nutrient concentrate: 5kg of sweet potato are dehydrated to obtain 1kg of powder

  • An excellent base for making healthy recipes and taking care of yourself
  • Grown in organic farming and certified by an independent body

Nutritional values ​​and ingredients

Sweet potato flour from organic farming

Ingredient: 100% sweet potato flour sweet potato (orange variety) organic

Advice for use

  • In savory or sweet pancakes: 45g of powder sweet potato + 3 whole eggs
  • In a protein pancake: 45g sweet potato powder + 2 whole organic eggs + 15g Whey Isolate
  • Crepe: 45g of sweet potato powder + 2 whole organic eggs + 150ml of vegetable milk or cow's milk for those who are not intolerant
  • As a snack in a shaker: 45g sweet potato powder + 30g Whey Isolate + 150ml water/vegetable or cow's milk
  • In the kitchen: as a replacement for any flour for the preparation of your savory and sweet pasta

Thanks to its excellent composition, our sweet potato powder is very easily digested. So you can take them directly:

  • Breakfast: a very good time to consume sustained-release carbohydrates

  • In snack
  • In cooking: replacing any flour

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