Flup - Candy 500g

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  • Gravy without calories
  • Ideal for giving flavor to your sweet dishes
  • Fabulous taste
Delicious chocolate flavored cream without added sugar and low in fat, perfect to enrich your snacks. Refer to dosage. Voir plus
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Flup - Candy 500g

12,90 €

Flup - Candy 500g

12,90 €

Bombon Rocher Flup from Max Protein® is a low-fat cream with no added sugars and high in fiber. Its delicious flavor pairs perfectly with Max Protein® sweetened oatmeal desserts, cereals or pancakes, adding an authentic burst of chocolate hazelnut flavor to your breakfasts or protein snacks.

Plus, Bombon Hazelnut Flup is presented in a bottle with a special dispenser with an anti-drip and anti-return system, so that its application on toast, desserts or any recipe you want to decorate is much easier.

Bombon Hazelnut Flup from Max Protein® is made with delicious hazelnut chocolate in the traditional style, but virtually eliminating all of its fat. This cream does not contain gluten or added sugars and is rich in fibre, making it an ideal syrup to give an extra touch of flavor to your breakfasts or snacks.

Its creamy texture and its innovative application system will help you easily add it to pancakes or desserts.

1 dose (1 and a half for larger sizes) before and/or after your training session, as well as as a snack to maximize your protein synthesis throughout the day.

Sweetener: Sorbitol Syrup (70%), Defatted Natural Cocoa (11%), Polydextrose E-1200, Inulin, Flavourings, Sodium Chloride, Color E-171 . Contains polyalcohols. Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects. It is not recommended to take more than 3 servings of 10g of product per day.


May contain traces of milk and dairy products, peanuts, sesame and nuts.

Opinion from a coach

To be enjoyed on your morning pancakes or other sweet meal. Just enjoy a DELICE without feeling guilty!

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