Food supplement training - payment in 6 installments (92€ per month for 6 months)

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The first complete training on food supplements and their use!

This training was designed with the aim of allowing all types of people and above all, of all educational levels , to have access to complete training in the field of food supplements!

Whether you are a sports coach , dietician...

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Food supplement training - payment in 6 installments (92€ per month for 6 months)

92,00 €

Food supplement training - payment in 6 installments (92€ per month for 6 months)

92,00 €

Discover the first training on food supplements and their use, 100% online and accessible to all!

At present, in France, there is NO training on food supplements for the general public. To start hearing about it in an educational course, you must necessarily do higher education (minimum DUT) in the scientific field. But what is even more paradoxical is that no course, higher or not, in which the intended final profession is led to use or recommend complements in their daily work, contains a course or even a program on food supplements and their uses!

Thus, today, we face a TOTAL misunderstanding of this environment. However, food supplements, as we now know, have, for some, become essential to the good health of the population. Polluted environment, soil demineralization, loss of vitamins through transformation processes, use of pesticides and antibiotics, overwork, chronic stress. are all risk factors for developing a deficiency or increased micronutrient requirements. Likewise, did you know that certain types of audience require more micronutrients than others and whose needs cannot be met naturally through a good diet? Pregnant women whose vitamin B9 and iron needs are increased, athletes whose additional intake of antioxidants is necessary, elderly people whose endogenous collagen synthesis is almost stopped, infants whose DHA needs are increased for their cognitive development and cerebral or even vegans whose deficiencies in certain micronutrients are inevitable. The list is long, not to mention the needs for certain other micronutrients for which EVERYONE is deficient, and which are impossible to reach through food.

In short, you will have understood that food supplements now have their place in your shopping basket. At a time when nutrition was considered the first remedy against the development of diseases, food supplements are now the second!

Unfortunately, too few health, wellness and sales professionals in this field are trained in their use. Many symptoms can be improved with the simple taking of one or more supplements, these same symptoms for which 90% of people will see themselves taking medication or will be redirected to a doctor who will then, in turn, prescribe medication. And so on. That's what this training is all about!

Through this complete training on food supplements you will learn how to:

  • Use /advise/prescribe the right supplements for the right symptoms, deficiencies, type of audience. ,

  • Understand how the major physiological functions of the body work,

  • Recognize the best forms of molecules and active ingredients,

  • Read the ingredient list in its entirety and have a critical eye,

  • Know everything about EACH supplement, one by one thanks to summary sheets,

  • Recognize a scam or a marketing stunt on a product,

  • Understand the value of labels and patented raw materials,
  • Read and understand a scientific study and use it as a reference.

So, if you also want to train seriously and qualitatively in the field of food supplements and health, take advantage now of this training, totally digital, scalable and above all unique!

To find out more about what this training includes and in what format it comes in, click here!.

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