Crunchy Granola 1.5kg - Koro

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  • Baked oat muesli with coconut flakes
  • Sweetened with rice syrup
  • Irresistibly delicious and crunchy on the palate
  • Perfect for your breakfast
  • 1.5 kg format
  • Only 4 ingredients!
  • Vegan
Irresistibly delicious and crunchy in the mouth, let yourself be seduced by Granola Koro to accompany your balanced breakfasts in a gourmet way. Voir plus
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Crunchy Granola 1.5kg - Koro

10,90 €

Crunchy Granola 1.5kg - Koro

10,90 €
What is it?

Everyone knows granola, right? It's not just the buzzword for muesli. There are so many different granola recipes! Koro has experimented for you and tested different recipes.

They are true experts when it comes to granola!

Granola vs Muesli

Basically, granola and muesli are made from the same ingredients. The term "granola" generally means a crunchy muesli. But unlike traditional granola, Koro granola is baked and sweetened with natural ingredients!

Koro Crunchy Granola

Fr As absolute breakfast lovers, Koro has found a perfect granola recipe! A combination of oatmeal, rice syrup, sunflower oil and coconut flakes!

They kept the ingredients as simple as possible, and given even more value to the quality of the ingredients contained than the taste.

The taste is therefore unquestionably natural. The baked version gives the granola a crunchy taste.

The granola is also sweetened with rice syrup and all ingredients are purely vegan.

You have the element of an incredibly delicious and healthy lunch.

Nutritional Values ​​

75% OAT flour, 19% rice syrup, SUNFLOWER oil, 2% coconut shavings

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