Nitro Pump - 400g

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  • Patented Ingredients
  • GlycerSize ® Nitrosigine ®
  • S7 ® Astragin ® Bioperine ®
  • extreme pump
  • Focus/Motivation/Intensity
  • Stimulant-free
Pre-workout formula that contributes to the maximization of results during a sports session. Voir plus
taste: Disco Candy
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Nitro Pump - 400g

Nitro Pump - 400g

46,90 €

Nitro Pump - 400g

46,90 €
taste: Disco Candy
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Product Description

Nitro Pump is a pre-workout/ pumper/focus/energy formula WITHOUT STIMULANTS.

Nitro Pump is designed specifically to maximize vasodilation of blood vessels, this product also contains many other advantages over other products of its kind on the market.

It will provide you with everything you need to maximize your results during a training session.
It will give you all the advantages of a booster, but without the disadvantages due to the absence of caffeine, therefore no stimulants, perfect for a late night session where you will have no difficulty falling asleep unlike pre-workout with caffeine.

"The pump" What is it?

The scientific term is hyperemia (an abnormal increase in blood flow to an organ ). This term corresponds to the increase in blood flow to the muscles of the body, which has the effect of saturating them with blood, rich in nutrients and oxygen.
But the "pump" is above all a very pleasant visual effect for the bodybuilder. He sees his muscles swell, become hard and sees himself bulky in the ice.

But the Nitro Pump has also been designed to bring this famous "focus" effect during training thanks to its many ingredients.

The advantage of Nitro Pump is mainly its composition rich in labeled and patented ingredients: Nitrosigine ® , Glycersize ® and S7®, Biopérine, AstraGin® and the selection of ingredients with targeted actions on cognition, attention and osmoregulation.


High levels of fermented L-Citrulline, so that the mechanisms in which it is involved is optimized, i.e. vasodilation via the production of nitric oxide. Allowing large volumes of nutrient rich blood to be delivered to the muscles, aiding in muscle building, recovery and performance.


Glycerol is a hydrating active ingredient of the humectant type, i.e. it has the ability to attract and retain moisture and water. Thus, it makes it possible to considerably slow down the loss of skin water, in particular that due to physical effort.

Glycerol can also be used as a "fuel". Glycerol is captured to be used as a substrate to make glucose, which will then be used by the body as an energy substrate.

Glycersize® is a highly concentrated and stable blend of glycerol and silica. This form allows in particular a supply of free glycerol, active much stronger than the monostearate form of glycerol, often found in low-end supplements. The form associated with silica allows a much longer conservation and a contribution of 65% of glycerol against only 5% on average for the other form.


Nitrosigine® is a patented, long-lasting "nitric oxide booster" that has clinical evidence to improve workout performance. It is a mixture of arginine, silicon and a sugar. This combination can increase nitric oxide (NO) levels. There are synergistic effects between arginine, silicon and inositol (the sugar used), much stronger than those exerted by each of the ingredients taken alone.

To briefly explain how the ingredient Nitrosigine® works.

Arginine is an integral part of the urea cycle, which results in the production of nitric oxide (NO). NO, through these vasodilator effects, increases blood flow to the regions where it acts. Silicon on the other hand further increases blood flow by improving the flexibility of blood vessel walls. This combination of effects results in not only increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients available, but also improving the elimination of waste and toxins that accumulate during periods of exertion. In the context of the athlete, increasing blood flow during exercise allows the absorption of more essential nutrients, increased endurance and muscle growth while eliminating the accumulation of oxidants that cause muscle damage.

Nitrosigine® is protected by 11 patents and applications in several jurisdictions. Dozens of clinical and preclinical trials have shown that the supplement can significantly increase blood flow to muscles. Finally, Nitrosigine® is certified safe by the United States Food and Drug Administration based on multiple clinical trials. Nitrosigine® has accumulated many takes and established a reputation as a non-stimulant, high quality ingredient.


S7™ is a low-dose blend of seven herbal ingredients capable of increasing the production of nitric oxide.

As explained just before, nitric oxide acts as a vasodilator which allows a greater supply of nutrients, oxygen and "energy fuel" to the muscles, especially during exercise.

The advantage of S7™ is that it increases NO without the addition of nitrates which, in high doses, are harmful to health.

AstraGin ® (Astragalus membranaceous and Panax notoginseng (root) Extract

AstraGin® is a patented 100% natural compound (US, Taiwanese and Chinese patents) derived from Panax Notoginseng and highly purified Astragalus produced by a unique extraction technology.

Unfortunately, current legislation does not allow us to communicate on the benefits of astragin®. We invite you to do your research here *


In a stressful situation such as that during physical exertion, noradrenergic neurons are overworked. This stimulation causes the rapid depletion of norepinephrine reserves, a messenger of attention, performance and pleasure. The problem is that, during the depletion of norepinephrine, there is an increase in the secretion of ACTH and therefore of cortisol, a hormone that can be harmful in excess. Thus, to avoid this phenomenon and reduce the secretion of cortisol linked to sports activity, it is necessary to avoid the reduction in the synthesis of norepinephrine via the supply of L-tyrosine, the amino acid precursor of this hormone.

Thus, we let you presuppose the effects of Nitro Pump on this mechanism, because unfortunately, current legislation does not allow us to communicate on the benefits of L-tyrosine . We invite you to carry out your research on the scientific reference site: Pubmed. *


King of spices, pepper Piper nigrum (piperine) is a fruit of the pepper plant, a climbing vine from the tropical forests of Madagascar, India and Malaysia. The pungent flavor of pepper comes from its high piperine content.

The digestion and specifically the absorption of micronutrients (vitamins, polyphenols and minerals) is facilitated by piperine.

To finish.

Intense physical exercise causes oxidative stress leading to the production of harmful free radicals. Human muscle cells require increased amounts of nutrients and oxygen during the training phase. If the inadequate production of free radicals increases significantly, waste products accumulate, which limits the duration, intensity and ultimately the effectiveness of training.

This is why pumpers aren't just ego-boosting supplements, they have real value!


Advice for use:
Before taking any medication, test your tolerance to product

Take 1 scoop (10g) 20-30min before your session in 300ml of water

For the most experienced, take 2 scoops (20g)


Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as substitutes for a varied diet. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Keep out of reach of children under three years old. Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature.

Nutritional Information

Other Ingredients: Sucralose, Citric Acid, Cherry and Cotton Candy Flavouring, crimson dye, silicon dioxide.


DISCO CANDY - Cherry Cotton Candy
SUPERSTARS FLAVOR - Strawberry Watermelon
DRAGONS BLOOD - Pineapple Mango

Tips from our professionals

Advice of the nutrition expert


"When people ask me what you can take during training when you feel tired or when you need to be more focused on your session, I very often recommend pumpers. Caffeine is a very good ingredient but, used in high doses and too often, it can lead to adverse health effects such as exhaustion of the adrenal glands and by crescendo effect to chronic fatigue, insomnia etc.

The advantage of pumpers like the Mr. VEINZ® is that they do not contain any but offer the same effects and benefits on training: focus, pump and energy. Obviously, the "boost" effect is less strong in terms of energy, but concentration, attention and pump are indeed present, at the same level as with a booster. Its advantage is also that it will not cause an increase in additional stress as is the case with a classic booster which contains many exciting molecules which cause the levels of adrenaline and cortisol to rise, which depletes the stores of norepinephrine, a hormone you absolutely need to stay awake, focused and brain active.

The Mr VEINZ® has a clear, thoughtful and high quality composition with its many patented ingredients, most of which have been the subject of quality clinical studies! A great product for those who want to try pumpers or who have already made them their favorite pre-workout!"

Opinion from a coach


"If you are looking for a huge pump for your weight training sessions, then Mr. Veinz® is perfect.

Thanks to its new generation high-end and labeled ingredients, this pre-workout has everything to take your sessions to the next level!

Plus, this caffeine-free pre-workout can be used by anyone at any time of the day because it won't get you excited, or keep you up at night from the overdosed caffeine found in most pre-workouts. "

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Matthieu MEYER

Super produit et bonne congestion . Les ressenti est dingue !


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