Ultimate 16 Probiotic - Dr. Stephen Langer's Swanson

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  • Balance of the intestinal flora
  • Digestion
  • Digestive disorders
  • Diarrhea
  • EMBO CAPS® AP Technology
Food supplement based on microbial strains, populating our intestinal microbiota. Voir plus
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Ultimate 16 Probiotic - Dr. Stephen Langer's Swanson

17,90 €

Ultimate 16 Probiotic - Dr. Stephen Langer's Swanson

17,90 €
Product description

This food supplement is based on lactic ferments. It contains various bacterial strains (see nutrition label below for details).

In France, the term "probiotics" is considered a health claim, in fact, the regulations forbid it, to date, to write it on the packaging. It is therefore necessary to rely on the mention "food supplement based on lactic ferments" which are considered as probiotics and are defined as being "living micro-organisms which, after ingestion in suitable quantities, exert benefits on consumer health beyond what is expected from their basic functions"

What science says about the bacterial strains found in food supplements:

➪ For the balance of good bacteria in the digestive system: reference 1 - reference 2 - reference 3

➪ Diarrhea: reference 4 - reference 5 - reference 6 - reference 7 - reference 8

➪ Sanity: reference 9 - reference 10 - reference 11 - reference 12

➪ Digestive disorders : reference 13 - reference 14 - reference 15 - reference 16 - reference 17

This is only a report of what can be found in the scientific literature. This dietary supplement is not intended to prevent, limit or treat any of the aforementioned diseases or pathologies. European regulations do not allow us to further substantiate the benefits relating to bacterial strains found in food supplements.


Ultimate Probiotic delivers 3.2 billion CFU of probiotic organisms from 16 select strains, plus prebiotic fructo-oligosacchardia to nourish them and help them thrive - packaged in vegetarian DRcaps designed to resist stomach acids and deliver them safely to the lower gastrointestinal tract. It's the perfect way to boost your microbial allies and defend your good health.

EMBO CAPS® AP Technology

EMBO CAPS® AP protects its contents from acid by delaying the release of the capsule in the stomach and delivering it safely into the intestinal tract.
EMBO CAPS® AP is composed of hypromellose and a water-soluble carbohydrate that has protective characteristics in the stomach and rapid dissolution characteristics in the intestinal environment.
EMBO CAPS® AP is suitable for a variety of dosages and ingredients that require targeted release of the capsule for optimal dosage delivery. Additionally, EMBO CAPS® AP has a low moisture content of 3-7%, making it particularly suitable for probiotic and other hygroscopic applications.

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