Flavored Oatmeal Gluten Free - Yamamoto 500g

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  • 100% wholemeal oat flour
  • Gluten free
  • Gourmet flavor
  • Source of fiber and no added sugar
  • Source of carbohydrates with low glycemic index.
  • Ideal for breakfast or for a mid-day snack
  • Excellent dietary ingredient for the preparation of cakes or savory recipes
tastes: Salted Pistachio
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Flavored Oatmeal Gluten Free - Yamamoto 500g

Flavored Oatmeal Gluten Free - Yamamoto 500g

10,90 €

Flavored Oatmeal Gluten Free - Yamamoto 500g

10,90 €
tastes: Salted Pistachio
Product description

Oat flours are made from 100% wholemeal oat flour flavoured, source of fiber no added sugars and gluten-free (naturally contains sugars), usable for the preparation of breakfasts, snacks or delicious desserts.

Flour is obtained by grinding flakes of oats.

Compared to flours obtained from "more noble" cereals, rolled oats have different nutritional properties and are certainly a more complete food .

It has a good energy density and benefits from a high protein content and low sugar content. Thanks to the presence of fibre, the starch contained in oatmeal is digested and absorbed slowly, guaranteeing this food a medium-low glycemic index.

We recommend can be used for the preparation of pancakes, porridge, muffins and sweet and savory snacks by substituting it for normal wheat flour to obtain balanced foods with an excellent nutritional profile. The flour can be dissolved in cow's milk or vegetable drinks as well as in ordinary water.

Advice for use

Instructions: add 50 g of product to 100 ml of water. Can be used in the preparation of snacks and sweet desserts.

Pancake preparation: Mix 3 eggs with 50g of oatmeal then put directly on the pan over low heat

Nutritional Information

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Farine d'avoine aromatisée Sans Gluten - Yamamoto 500g

Mégane LE SAUX
Sympas pour donner du goût

Tres bien pour donner du goût a sa préparation. A couper avec de la farine d’avoine sans arôme car peut être fort en goût.

Farine pistache

Très bonne, goût subtil

lafosse ludivine
Très bonne

Yamamoto une valeur sûre... Toutes leurs farines sont incroyables... La texture est le goût rien à dire ... Étant une amoureuse de la pistache le valiiide 🙌


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