E-book: "The 10 reasons which prevent you from losing weight"

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This E-book was written with the aim of shedding light on 10 reasons that prevent you from losing weight!

Are you having trouble losing weight despite your efforts and all the advice you have been given by the people around you? You can't be taken seriously and you feel misunderstood? Do you think there...

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ebook 10 raisons qui t empechent de perdre du poids

E-book: "The 10 reasons which prevent you from losing weight"

14,90 €

E-book: "The 10 reasons which prevent you from losing weight"

14,90 €

Why this E-book?

Weight loss has always been a hot topic. Has everyone ever asked themselves the question in their life of how to lose weight?

Some will have their answer easily by typing these famous keywords on the search bar: "How to lose weight easily? - "How to lose weight without sport?" ...

But others will rather look for "Why am I not losing weight?" ! And yes, because there are a lot of people who, despite their efforts, despite their assiduity in their diet, etc..., cannot manage to lose weight!

And the question is in "Why?" effect !

There are actually a multitude of factors that can explain it. Some are obvious because they're the ones everyone talks about: "You eat too much", "You don't exercise enough", "You snack too much between meals", "It's your genetics, you can't do it nothing"...

But there are many other reasons that can explain why you don't lose weight! No one tells you about these reasons, no one mentions them in the media or on the internet... and yet these are real reasons that may concern you!

This E -book sheds light on 10 reasons that can prevent you from losing weight, from the most "common" reason to the least often mentioned!

Who is this E-book for?

For people who are unable to lose weight despite their efforts.
For sports, health or nutrition professionals who cannot find the solution to the weight loss of their clients.
For people who want to start losing weight in a healthy and intelligent way.

What will you use this E-book for?

Discover the potential causes of your weight loss. weight loss!
Find new avenues of research to be able to talk about it with the professional who follows you in order to put new things in place!
Have real answers concerning your questions ns on your weight loss!
Finally achieve your physical and health goals!

What's in this E-book?

Reason 1: Unsuitable diet

Reason 2: Insufficient intake

Reason 3: Insufficient energy expenditure

Reason 4: Hormonal imbalance

Reason 5: Thyroid deficiency

Reason 6: Intestinal problems

Reason 7: Insulin resistance

Reason 8: Too much stress and fatigue chronic

Reason 9: Eating disorder
Reason 10: Negative/toxic environment

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David Mssa
Pas reçu

Sauf erreur de ma part, je n’ai pas reçu le e-book.
Est-ce ce que je devais recevoir un lien pour le télécharger ? Si oui, je ne l’ai pas.
Est-ce qu’il est possible de me le faire parvenir svp?


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