Gray Animal Leggings - BodyTrainerz

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Simple, elegant and efficient, a design worked with everything you need where you need it!


  • Sweat absorption
  • Next generation scrunch
  • High waist belt
  • Exclusive animal colors
size : S
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Gray Animal Leggings - BodyTrainerz

36,00 €

Gray Animal Leggings - BodyTrainerz

36,00 €
size : S

Discover Animal, the new Bodytrainerz leggings!

Why Animal? Boost your confidence with the stylish tan pattern of the Animal leggings.
Showcasing a seamless design, high quality allover animal pattern, high waisted fit and new tummy + scrunch effect shaping waistband generation + push up effect, to enhance all shapes, shape and sculpt your silhouette.

These leggings will allow you to bring out your instinct and your elegance.

Available in 1 colour, these second skin effect leggings, made of 74% Nylon (breathability, resistance), 7% Spandex (elasticity, lightness) and 19% Polyester (breathable and non-absorbent ) is very comfortable to wear.

These leggings essential to any athlete's wardrobe, amateur or confirmed!


A flat stomach thanks to the winning high-waist belt, plump buttocks that are well enhanced by the ultimate combo: Push Up + Scrunch new generation, a worked fabric composed of quality materials (74% Nylon - 7% Spandex - 19% Polyester) for a product that is both resistant, sculpting and light to wear.
And (icing on the cake) the Squat Proof, which guarantees zero transparency of the fabric during movements during training. I promise.

These are all essential characteristics that we find with our Animal Leggings.
Sober, elegant , technical, and effective, it is designed to adapt to all body types, flatter, shape and sculpt each silhouette without creating a feeling of compression on the legs or stomach, so that putting on your sportswear is a real pleasure.

At BodyTrainerZ, We know all too well the scourge of poor quality leggings, with a fabric not really designed for athletes, which thins out to become transparent when squatting, and the headaches that go with it...
For us, it was therefore essential to create a product in which we can have complete confidence.

So yes, our Animal Leggings have the timeless Push Up effect. Yes, they have the famous Scrunch effect,essential for a few years. Yes, it's the perfect equation for enhanced buttocks.
But above all (because we made it a point of honor to work in this direction when developing the product), he is certified Squat Prof!

A true guarantee of quality, the Squat Proof guarantees no transparency during a sports session, regardless of the movements. To be able to fully concentrate on your training and on nothing else because you have confidence in the quality of what you wear. That's why, with the girls from the BodTrainerZ team, we elected this Squat Proof "BTZ favourite" for these new Animal leggings.


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