CocoMineral® Electrolyte 200g

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  • Prevents dehydration
  • Improves performance
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Improves the functioning of the nervous system
  • Contains CocoMineral® coconut water
  • Lime Flavor
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CocoMineral® Electrolyte 200g

17,90 €

CocoMineral® Electrolyte 200g

17,90 €
Product Description

Electrolyte Powder is the perfect sports nutrition supplement to stay hydrated and restore optimal electrolyte levels by replacing those lost during workouts, the ketogenic diet, a sauna session or on hot, sweltering days.


  • 5 key electrolytes to restore optimal electrolyte balance

  • Coconut Water CocoMineral® as a Well-Researched Ingredient for Effective Rehydration

  • Naturally sweetened with stevia

  • Zero sugar

Stay hydrated!

Water is often called the most important nutrient. It is the only nutrient that we cannot do without, even for a few days. Dehydration of more than 7% of body weight puts you at risk of death. So it's no surprise that milder dehydration can already hurt your performance in the gym.

  • Sodium helps retain water in the body. It acts in close relationship with Potassium, and an imbalance between these two minerals can lead to dehydration.
  • Potassium helps regulate water levels in the body. It is also involved in nerve excitability and muscle contraction.
  • Calcium facilitates nerve and muscle function. It activates cellular exchanges through channels located in the cell membrane (including muscle). Calcium is also an important component of blood clotting.
  • Magnesium plays an essential role in nervous and muscular balance, reduction of fatigue, normal energy metabolism, normal functioning of the nervous system as well as normal protein synthesis
  • Vitamin C helps maintain the normal function of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise, normal energy metabolism as well as the reduction of fatigue.
  • Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function and the normal absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus.

Electrolytes are particles of vital importance to our well-being, as they help regulate the amount of water in the body and the transmission of nerve and muscle impulses.


Instant Coconut Water Powder Extract

  • Contains high levels of natural electrolytes
  • Helps with digestion and blood pressure
  • Instant and powdered form of coconut water that gives high levels of electrolytes available to the body


  • Contains naturally occurring electrolytes
  • No added colors or flavorings
  • Natural sugars to boost energy
  • Tasty, refreshing and energizing
Nutritional information and advice for use

Directions: mix 5g of powder (1 measuring spoon) with 300-500ml of water. Consume 1-4 servings daily before, during or after training. Can also be consumed on non-training days for hydration and maintenance of essential electrolyte balance.

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Parfait et bon ressenti

Je l’ai pris pendant ma Spartan Race 21km. Juste parfait : bonne digestion et bonne énergie.


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