Eating Disorders Training

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  • Complete training
  • Lifetime access with no time limit
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Eating Disorders Training

197,00 €

Eating Disorders Training

197,00 €

Training on Eating Disorders

- Our training -

Accessible for life

No time limit imposed to follow the training. So you can learn at your own pace and at any time.

Get your diploma

Get the ultimate proof of training follow-up thanks to the diploma you will have after passing all the quizzes.

Clinical tests

Tests used in clinics are available for self-assessment or probing those around you when faced with an ED.

The most complete training that will give you all the keys to supporting an eating disorder!

Eating disorders are increasingly present in our society.

Unfortunately, the lack of understanding of these disorders is an obstacle to freeing the voice of those who are affected. we must act!





On a daily basis, we are confronted with so many factors that promote the emergence of an eating disorder.





On a daily basis, people with an ED experience these emotions.


That's the number of teenagers affected by eating disorders each year in France!


This is the percentage of people with an ED who are NOT treated!

PREVENTING, RAISING AWARENESS and SUPPORT become priorities that are allowed thanks to this training!

Complete: This training deals with a set of eating disorders.

  1. Anorexia nervosa
  2. Bulimia
  3. Bulimic binge eating
  4. Selective and/or avoidant eating disorder (ARFID)
  5. Subclinical form of bulimia and binge eating
  6. Atypical anorexia nervosa
  7. Night eating syndrome
  8. Purgative disorder
  9. Orthorexia
  10. Food addiction
  11. Merycism
  12. PICA

➢ All disorders are detailed!

In addition to all this, a chapter on eating behavior and the intestinal microbiota are available. This allows a better understanding and a better approach to eating disorders.

Detailed: You will be able to understand the specifics of each of these disorders

Practical: Thanks to clinical tests and different possible therapeutic avenues listed in the training, you will be able to accompany and direct towards appropriate care according to the disorder in question.

you will be a unbeatable TCAs

- They have become unbeatable -

I find it very complete and well structured. It really allows you to see all the TCAs because often we only confine ourselves to the most "known" Anaïs Hugon Anaïs HugonCoach Tca training completed. A complete training with a lot of content, and very well explained. You learn a lot, I recommend this training to everyone. Mehdi Lottin Mehdi LottinAthlete The Eating Disorder training brings together all the information that is not found when talking about an eating disorder.

We are often explained the consequences sometimes the causes but never really the sources and even less physiologically what happens inside, as in the brain for example. I barely started it and learned things I hadn't realized, and yet I had EDs from the age of 8! Deep understanding also has a therapeutic side for me. Carole CaroleCoach So I found this training really well explained with words and terms that ordinary mortals can understand.

It is also very well structured, starting with the most well-known TCAs and then talking about the lesser-known ones.

Another strong point is that each lesson ends with a summary sheet 😍. And to finish a quiz at the end of each lesson to find out where we are (very good idea) because it's still not easy to assimilate everything at once 😊 Dorian DorianCoach Thank you for this training because it is really complete!

Several pathologies are addressed, both physiologically and psychologically. It helps to have the right attitude, the best care for our patients or clients. This training is suitable for health or nutrition professionals as well as for the patients concerned.

Having already worked with people affected by these pathologies, I learned other things and it was very rewarding! Thank you ! Estelle Estelle Previous Following Discover an excerpt from the training Is the training complete or progressive?

Eating Disorders training is complete. All courses are available now.

Is the diploma certifying?

No, to date the diploma obtained following the success of all the quizzes is not certifying. However, we do the administrative procedures so that the training becomes certifying.

How long does it take to complete the training?

This training is information dense given the number of disorders detailed. Thus, from the first lesson to the conclusion, it takes about 30 hours of training.

This time counts reading, understanding and learning information.

What diploma do you get at the end of the training?

I have a question or a remark about the training, how can I contact you?

For any comments or questions regarding the training, you can send us an e-mail to the following address: formation@labelz-nutrition. com

Our Research and Development team will answer you as soon as possible.

Who are the authors of the training?

For this TCA training, our two Research and Development engineers, Loïk and Alexis, designed the training from A to Z.

They both have a Bachelor's degree in Biology, specializing in Biochemistry, as well as a Master's degree in Health Nutrition specializing in the neurophysiology of eating behavior. At the same time, they are also Nutrition Advisors.

You can learn more about them via their Instagram.

Loïk's Instagram

Alexis's Instagram

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Laura Lusia Policarpo
Formation sur les tca

Vraiment très intéressante ! Ça permet d’y voir plus clair et de mieux comprendre chaque trouble du comportement alimentaire. Je suis ravie et je compte bien suivre les autres formations de ce site par la suite !


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