Training - Metabolism

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◆ Most comprehensive training
◆ Validation of achievements at the end of training
◆ Certificate of completion of training
◆ Accessible to ALL
◆ Contained very advanced scientifically
◆ Gradual release of lessons
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Training - Metabolism

297,00 €

Training - Metabolism

297,00 €



- Our training -

Accessible for life

No time limit imposed to follow the training. So you can learn at your own pace and at any time.


Everything is organized in such a way as to start from the fundamentals and gradually talk about and approach science, the real one and without detours.


Optimize your metabolism in many ways to boost your health and athletic performance.
The most complete training that will give you all the keys to controlling your metabolism!
Metabolism is a vast and complex concept but it has its share of received ideas.
Getting better informed to take care of your health!

Metabolism like you've never seen it before!





Vitamins & minerals

Macronutrients and micronutrients are detailed.

The complete training programme
KL First section: An introduction to metabolism by studying its components
KL Second section: At the heart of metabolism by reviewing, and in detail, the metabolism of nutrients
➻ The concept of energy
➻ Carbohydrate metabolism
➻ Lipid metabolism
➻ Protein metabolism
➻ Metabolism of water
➻ Metabolism of vitamins and minerals
Third section: The regulation and adaptations of metabolism. Where how can it be manipulated.
➻ Regulating your metabolism
➻ Special metabolic situations
➻ How to boost your metabolism?

The metabolism will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Is the training complete or scalable?
The metabolism training is scalable. All classes are phased out.
Is the diploma certifying?
No, to date the diploma obtained following the success of all the quizzes is not certifying. However, we do the administrative procedures so that the training becomes certifying.
How long does it take to complete the training?
This training is information dense given the number of detailed disorders. Thus, from the first lesson to the conclusion, it takes about 30 hours of training.
This time counts reading, understanding and learning information.
What diploma do you get at the end of the training?

I have a question or a remark about the training, how can I May I contact you?
For any comments or questions regarding the training, you can send us an e-mail to the following address: formation@labelz-nutrition. com
Our Research and Development team will answer you as soon as possible.
Who are the authors of the training?
For this training on metabolism, it was one of our Research and Development engineers, namely Loïk, who carried out this training.
He has a degree in Biology, specializing in Biochemistry, as well as a Master's degree in Health Nutrition specializing in the neurophysiology of eating behavior. At the same time, he is also a Nutrition Advisor.
You can learn more about him via his Instagram.
Loïk's Instagram

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