Flavored oatmeal - 1.5kg

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  • Fabulous taste
  • Ideal for breakfast
  • Pancakes/Cakes/Pastries
  • Rich in fibre/protein/slow carbohydrates
  • Exceptional Quality/Micronised Flour
Start the day with an ultra tasty breakfast thanks to this flavored oatmeal which will give you energy for the whole day. Different flavors available for maximum enjoyment. Voir plus
taste: Banana Split
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Flavored oatmeal - 1.5kg

9,90 €

Flavored oatmeal - 1.5kg

9,90 €
taste: Banana Split

Start the day with the best!
Start the day with an ultra tasty breakfast that will give you energy and a good mood!

Create your little -breakfasts with your favorite flavors (Brownie, Chocolate Cream Cookies, Nutchoc, Rocher etc).

It's not just delicious oatmeal, it undergoes a superior micronization process which allows for better dissolution and better assimilation without side effects on the stomach .

SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener

The sweet taste of the flours is made with SPLENDA® Stevia No Calorie Sweetener which comes from an extract from the stevia leaf, but not just any extract. By using reb D-rich stevia leaf extract in SPLENDA® Stevia No Calorie Sweetener.

This releases the true sweet taste of stevia, without a bitter aftertaste. A delicious way to reduce sugar in your favorite foods and drinks, without sacrificing taste!

Alkalinize your body too with the patented Ph Regulator®
Particularly thanks to thermo-activation and deactivated peroxidase.

The flours also contain Japanese Umeboshi plum.

Umeboshi has an antiseptic, antibiotic and alkalizing effect. It contains alkaline minerals (calcium, manganese, potassium, etc. ), which makes it an interesting contribution. Umeboshi also improves intestinal absorption of alkaline minerals (iron, magnesium) from other foods.

Furthermore, the draining effect of umeboshi helps eliminate toxins from the body. Perfect for a little detox! We join here the effects of chlorella or lemon, which are also excellent detox foods. Consuming these foods while also drinking plenty of water accelerates the elimination of undesirable substances. All this must, of course, be associated with a balanced and healthy diet, that goes without saying! No need to try to do a detox if you are still intoxicating yourself in some way.

Oats contain a high proportion of soluble and insoluble fibre, which gives it beneficial effects on the digestive system.

Indeed, fiber helps normalize intestinal transit in addition to having a faster satiating effect. Finally, several studies have shown that a diet rich in fiber is associated with a lower risk of colon cancer. Although the preventive effect has been demonstrated, the role of fibers in the treatment of cancer remains controversial.

Tips for use:

Example recipe:
- Use 50g flavored oatmeal

- Use 3 Eggs

- Mix it up

- Add a milk of your choice if needed/fruits/oleaginous

- Put everything in a pan over low heat to make delicious pancakes.


  • Energy value 356 Kcal
  • Fat 6.1 g
  • Of which saturated 1.5 g
  • Carbohydrates 57.4 g
  • Of which sugars 0.8 g
  • Dietary fiber 13.5 g
  • Protein 12 g
  • salt <0.01 mg

Other Ingredients: Oatmeal (GLUTEN), Flavoring (Avena stevia) 91% defatted cocoa powder (10-12%) 7% Flavourings, pH Regulator® (umeboshi plum solids, potassium citrate, calcium citrate, sodium citrate, magnesium citrate), sweeteners: sucralose E-955, steviol E-glycosides

Opinion from a coach

Ideal for making very tasty breakfasts, you can make superb pancakes / bowl cakes or super tasty cakes!

I consume it every morning in different forms!

Customer Reviews

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Clementine levin
Valeur sûre

Farine goût brownie ma préférée de tous les temps je pense

Ulrich Khaldi

Farine d'avoine aromatisée - 1,5kg

Bonne crème de riz qui se digère bien

Une bonne crème de riz qui prend beaucoup de volume avec de l'eau; elle se digère très bien. Elle est bonne au goût mais le parfum n'est pas vraiment fort (j'ai pris 3 parfums= caramel salé, vanille, triple choc), on ne les différencie pas mais pour être honnête, c'est aussi le cas avec d'autres crèmes de riz. Très bien en bowlcake (ajouter de l'eau avec les blancs d'oeufs pour que ce soit moelleux et ne pas trop faire cuire); en pancake, elle ne gonfle pas beaucoup mais on peut ajouter du psyllium pour cela.

Natacha Robergeaud

Farine d'avoine aromatisée - 1,5kg

Laurent Thibaut

J'ai déjà commandé plusieurs fois les goûts Brownie et Nutchoc et ils sont délicieux. Parfait pour un petit déjeuner gourmand.

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