Maca Platinum Maca Pure® - 60 Vcaps

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  • Increases sexual desire (libido)
  • Fertility: increases the quantity and mobility of spermatozoa
  • With zinc bisglycinate
  • With a bioactive form of vitamin B6
Supplement that helps maintain good vital energy and would support physical and mental performance. Voir plus
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Maca Platinum Maca Pure® - 60 Vcaps

19,90 €

Maca Platinum Maca Pure® - 60 Vcaps

19,90 €
Product Description

Maca is a plant native to the highlands of the Andes, which has long been consumed by the local population. It would help maintain good vital energy and support physical and mental performance.

MACA PLATINUM's formula has been updated and is based on two extracts that complement each other for optimal effectiveness: Maca Tonic® which mainly acts on the energy level and Maca Pure® which mainly promotes hormonal balance. In order to better regulate the hormonal level, MACA PLATINUM now also contains the bioactive form of vitamin B6 and to even better support the functioning of the reproductive organs and chelated zinc is also added.

➪ Maca increases the quantity and quality of sperm (See Reference 1 / Reference 2)

➪ Maca stimulates sexual desire (libido) (See Reference 3). Although other studies are more mixed with regard to this information (Reference 4).

French and European regulations do not does not allow to communicate on the benefits of MACA.

We invite you to inquire about the Pubmed scientific database.


Maca Tonic®: aqueous extract, ratio 7-9:1 1 = extract that contains mainly ingredients that act on energy levels

Maca Pure®: water/alcohol extract 22-25:1 = extract containing mainly macaënes and macamides, ingredients that act on the male and female system.


Contributes to fertility and normal reproduction and contributes to the maintenance of normal testosterone levels

Quality: zinc bisglycinate = chelated zinc

Vitamin B6

Helps regulate hormonal activity - contributes to normal energy metabolism - helps reduce fatigue

Quality: bioactive form of pyridoxal-5'-phosphate

Nutritional InformationTrait or

The opinion of our professionals

Coach's opinion

Maca is a remarkable product for people who lack vitality and especially for those who have hormonal and libido concerns.
The feedback from people using it is truly incredible!
It's a supplement that I systematically include for people over 40 in association with Testofen® also available on the store.

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