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Dietary supplement

Eating Behavior Disorder


Food Supplements Training

The first training on the world of food supplements 100% online and accessible to all!

I – Introduction & General

In this part, we answer the following question: What are dietary supplements?

Here are the main points of this first part:

➬ The definition of a food supplement
➬ The purposes of a dietary supplement
➬ The difference between supplementation and complementation
➬ Why should we take dietary supplements
➬ Current regulations
➬ Study of the profile of people:
☉ The general population

☉ Sports people
☉ Pregnant and breastfeeding women
☉ Children
☉ The elderly
☉ Vegetarians/links
☉ Sick people.

In this part, there will also be a reminder of the major physiological functions of the body. This allows you to better approach the rest of the training. Thus, the endocrine, nervous, immune, digestive, renal and hepatic systems will be briefly highlighted.

II – The choice of food supplement

Here, the chapters will focus on How to choose a dietary supplement?

Here are the main points:

➬ The different types of supplements

➬ Know how to choose the right shape
➬ Know how to read the composition (ingredients to avoid, unnecessary additives, etc.)
➬ Study the effective dosages of each ingredient
➬ Study the synergies between supplementation and food
➬ Check incompatibilities between molecules
➬ Learn to read a scientific study
III -Know how to recognize scams
This section will focus on the scams found in the market.
➬ Marketing claims and phrases
➬ The percentages of labeled/patented raw materials
➬ The degree of hydrolyzation
➬ The amino spike
➬ Forms of assimilation
➬ False labels
➬ Conflicts of interest
IV -Learn to use food supplements
After seeing the definition, the goals, how to choose a food supplement and the scams on the market, this section will answer the question How to use food supplements properly?
Here are the main points:
➬ Know how to study the need (deficiency, deficiency, symptoms, etc.)
➬ Choose a supplement based on profiles/symptoms
➬ Find the appropriate dosage (clinical studies, books, dosage, etc.)
➬ Know how to combine nutrition and supplementation
➬ Medication vs. dietary supplement
➬ “Too much is the enemy of good”: work in stages
➬ Check for incompatibilities and potential hazards
In addition to all this, you will have summary sheets for each supplement!

Eating Disorders Training

The most complete training that will give you all the keys to accompany an eating disorder!


➬ General information on Eating Behavior Disorders
➬ The physiology of eating behavior
➬ The intestinal microbiota

II – The details of each disorder

Here, the chapters will cover the details of the following disorders:

➬ Anorexia nervosa

➬ Bulimia

➬ Binge eating disorder

➬ Avoidant and/or selective eating disorder (ARFID)

➬ Subclinical form of bulimia and binge eating disorder

➬ Atypical anorexia nervosa

➬ Night eating syndrome

➬ Purgative disorder

➬ Orthorexia

➬ Food addiction

➬ Mericism


Clinical tests are available for anorexia nervosa, bulimia, binge eating disorder, food addiction and orthorexia.
III- Conclusion
There is also a conclusion, entirely in the form of tables and a diagram to have a global point of view on all the information learned during section II!

Metabolism training

The most complete training that will give you all the keys to controlling your metabolism!

First section: An introduction to metabolism by studying its components

Second section: At the heart of metabolism by reviewing, and in detail, the metabolism of nutrients:

➻ The notion of energy

➻ Carbohydrate metabolism

➻ Lipid metabolism

➻ Protein metabolism

➻ Water metabolism

➻ Metabolism of vitamins and minerals

Third section: The regulation and adaptations of metabolism. Where how can it be manipulated.

➻ Regulation of metabolism

➻ Special metabolic situations

➻ How to boost your metabolism?