The label :

Optipep® is a range of labeled whey protein hydrolysates (Optipep® Sports and Optipep® Infant) manufactured by the Irish group Carbery , which has specialized in milk processing for more than 40 years.

Composition :

Optipep® Sport is a weakly, partially or largely hydrolyzed (DH 5-40%) whey protein with rapid and optimized assimilation. Like all proteins derived from cow's milk whey, they offer a complete protein profile and therefore, of excellent biological value, rich in essential amino acids including the famous BCAAs (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine), essential for muscle metabolism.

In addition, whether it is whey protein concentrate (Optipep® Sport 80) or isolate (Optipep® Sport 90), the high protein concentration guarantees a low carbohydrate (and therefore lactose) and fat content. .

Function :

Optipep® Sport has the functions of optimizing muscle development, repairing and reducing muscle recovery time as well as post-workout glycogen resynthesis.

Indeed, muscle mass is maintained thanks to a regulated balance between MPS (muscle protein synthesis) and MPB (muscle protein breakdown). This net balance becomes negative either on an empty stomach, in a state of rest, or after muscular exercise. In the latter case, although the rate of MPS also increases, that of MPB (which was already higher than that of MPS before the effort) still exceeds that of MPS. However, when amino acids or proteins are ingested after exercise, then the net balance becomes positive because the MPS level now exceeds the MPB level until it is nearly eliminated.

Optipep® Sport therefore allows the supply of a high quantity of highly bioavailable proteins to the body in order to optimize the increase in the post-exercise MPS rate. The hydrolyzation of Optipep® Sport proteins allows increased bioavailability of whey proteins in the form of tri- and dipeptides and free amino acids, in particular leucine which is, in itself, a real MPS stimulator.

This increase in bioavailability also allows for the maximization of the transport of these amino acids across the intestinal barrier to sites of post-exercise muscle damage. This promotes the recovery and adaptation of the muscles to the next training sessions by the muscle repair mechanisms.

Finally, Optipep® Sport, still through its high supply of highly bioavailable proteins, allows the resynthesis of post-exercise muscle glycogen stocks by activating glycogen synthase (an enzyme catalyzing glycogenogenesis) via an improved insulin response.

How is Optipep® different from others? :

One of the first differences and advantages of Optipep® Sport is its proportion of hydrolyzed proteins. Indeed, the company offers several preparations of whey protein isolates or concentrates depending on the percentage of hydrolyzate that one wishes to find in the final product. This then makes it possible to guarantee an isolate or concentrate with a significant proportion of "predigested" and "tailor-made" proteins offering bioavailability and a unique peptide composition.

As said previously, the hydrolyzation of Optipep® Sport proteins allows an increase in the digestion and absorption of peptides and amino acids at the intestinal level. In addition, the protein profile it offers allows an increased supply of amino acids essential to muscle metabolism, including leucine, which plays a key role in activating post-workout protein synthesis.

To sum up, Optipep® Sport offers a very good quality whey protein isolate or concentrate, adding to this an "à la carte" hydrolyzation percentage in order to obtain ideal assimilation and absorption as well as increased optimization of post-workout muscle synthesis and recovery.

The second difference is in the flavor of Optipep® Sport proteins. Indeed, it is often found that, depending on the brand and the percentage of hydrolyzation, not all whey proteins taste good. This is also one of the first characteristics sought by the consumer often pushing him to go for a lower quality (because the higher the degree of hydrolyzation and the protein percentage, the more the taste is likely to be bad) .

Optipep® Sport is one of the brands that stands out from the others with regard to this problem. This is because the company uses specialized enzyme technology, creating an enhanced taste profile. In addition, it is in collaboration with its "sister" company Synergy, which specializes in the development of aromas, flavors and natural extracts and relies on the sensory knowledge of North Carolina State University (NCSU). This allows them to study and identify the aromatic compounds responsible for the characteristic tastes (good or bad) of native proteins and to associate a system of complementary aromas. Thus, their whey proteins stand out for their natural organoleptic properties offering a clean and neutral flavor base to businesses.

An independent consumer study showed that Optipep® Sport Hydrolyzed Protein was significantly better than other hydrolyzed whey protein tested in comparison during the study. The consumer panel judged Optipep® Sport protein to be better in terms of aroma, mouthfeel, flavor and that it had a “natural, refreshing taste with no unpleasant aftertaste”. Note, however, that the reference of this study is not cited on the Carbery website.


Finally, one of the strengths of this leading whey protein company is their standards for quality, sustainability and traceability. The Optipep® Sport label ensures traceability to the farm as well as constant monitoring of milk quality. In addition, it ensures sustainable, responsible and ethical dairy production in terms of farming practices with, in particular, the creation of a program, Greener Dairy Farms™, designed to measure, monitor and optimize resource allocation and best practices at the closed.

What the Optipep® label guarantees:

  • High quality, high protein percentage whey protein (80 or 90%),
  • A complete protein profile and proteins of excellent biological value (rich in essential amino acids including those in branched chains (BCAA)),
  • A low carbohydrate (including lactose) and fat content, promoting digestive comfort,
  • An “à la carte” degree of hydrolyzation (DH 5-40%) guaranteeing rapid and optimal absorption and assimilation of proteins,
  • Improved and better organoleptic characteristics than other hydrolyzed proteins on the market,
  • Full traceability of the product and the raw material from manufacturing to the farm,
  • Compliance with strict quality, sustainability and ethical standards in terms of farming practices (ISO 90001: 2008 certification, BRC Food, ISO 50001, SMETA Audit and the company is a member of the Origin Green Ireland group),
  • Kosher and Halal approved products.