The label :

Tendoforte® is a unique bioactive collagen peptide supplement developed by the German company Gelita. It is used to increase the health and quality of ligaments and tendons and its effectiveness has been scientifically proven in several preclinical and clinical studies, especially in combination with physical activity.

Composition :

Tendoforte® is a natural bioactive collagen peptide supplement, the most recently added to the GELITA range of Bioactive Collagen Peptides®, a composition of different specific peptides optimized to maximize the stimulation of human cell types involved in collagen biosynthesis. The exact composition of the product is not specifically described but as in all hydrolyzed collagen, it contains about twenty different amino acids including 3 specific ones which are glycine, proline and hydroxyproline which target the production of new collagen in the body. 'organization. Collagen peptides are hydrolyzed collagen, that is to say, "pre-digested" proteins that are found in the form of chains of free and easily absorbable amino acids. The specificity of Tendoforte® is that the collagen peptides have been chosen with the aim of specifically strengthening tendons and ligaments as a preventive measure and also to reduce the incidence of sports injuries and the recovery time of performance levels after injury. .

Function :

Collagen is the main protein of connective tissues (supporting tissue that protects the organs it surrounds) and the most abundant in the body (30% of total proteins). Its main functions are to ensure the cohesion of all tissues, to guarantee the elasticity and integrity of the skin, cartilage, tendons and ligaments as well as bones. During natural aging, the synthesis of collagen slows down, leading to a progressive degradation of collagen fibers (the skin thins and wrinkles appear, loss of bone mass, joint pain due to loss of cartilage, etc.) Collagen, unlike all the others sources of protein, has a very specific composition of amino acids which gives it unique functional properties. These amino acids provided in large proportion (glycine and proline/hydroxyproline) are those found in the skin, bones and joints of the human body, which explains its specific action on these tissues.

At the level of the skin, the collagen fibers help maintain the structure and firmness of the skin as well as the stability of elastin (guaranteeing the elasticity of the skin) and hyaluronic acid (guaranteeing the hydration). Since the activity of collagen-producing cells decreases with age, the supply of collagen peptides therefore allows these functions to be maintained. A clinical trial 1 showed that supplementation with collagen peptides increased skin hydration, decreased fragmentation (deterioration) of collagen in the deep layers of the skin over time and at the same time increased the density of the collagen fiber layer.

At the bone level, collagen peptides stimulate osteoblasts (cells responsible for bone formation) without affecting osteoclasts (cells that resorb bone tissue) 2,3,4 . Thus, collagen would promote the renewal of bone tissue while preserving its mineral density and improving its solidity and resistance over time.

At the cartilage level, a study 5 conducted by the Collagen Research Institute (CRI), showed that supplementation with collagen peptides stimulated cartilage cell metabolism (stimulation of chondrocytes) and increased the production of aggrecan, a proteoglycan essential for cartilage function. Bioactive collagen peptides would therefore make it possible to stimulate the synthesis and regeneration of the extracellular cartilaginous matrix and to delay the onset of pain, sensitivity or stiffness of the joints associated with age and sport. (See the Fortigel® label sheet).


At the tendon and ligament level, you should know that collagen represents 90% of their composition (even 99% in the case of the extremities). Collagen helps maintain the structure and strength of the tendon, and it is when there is a deficiency that tendinitis or tendinosis (diseases causing small tears and which weaken and cause pain in the tendinous/ligamentous level). Previous data have shown that collagen peptides (including those from the Bioactive Collagen Peptides® range) stimulate RNA-expression and biosynthesis of collagen, proteoglycan and elastin in Achilles tendons as well as fibroblasts ( cells) of the ligament 6 . Also, more recent research would have shown that the supplementation with specific collagen peptides made it possible to improve the properties of extension of the joints of the fingers thanks to the strengthening of tendons and ligaments.

Finally, collagen has secondary functions such as maintaining the health of hair and nails by increasing their growth and reducing the symptoms of breakage. 7 Indeed, collagen peptides are used by cells to produce keratin (protein that makes up hair and nails).

How is Tendoforte® different from others? :

First, Tendoforte® is an ingredient that provides specific and optimized collagen peptides from the Bioactive Collagen Peptides® range. There are different forms of collagen (native collagen for example) but the most effective products are those that contain collagen peptides. Indeed, the hydrolyzation of long chains of amino acids into much shorter chains allows better absorption and use by the body. Here, the collagen peptides of the Bioactive Collagen Peptides® range are specific and allow, for example, a partial survival to digestion and therefore the crossing of the intestinal barrier while remaining intact.

Secondly, the peptides in Bioactive Collagen Peptides® stand out for their high concentration of proline and glycine which form bonds that are more resistant to degradation by digestive enzymes. In addition, they maintain their unique, longer and thinner helix structure which improves stability and favorable folding properties which facilitate their absorption. It is estimated that approximately 10% of the collagen peptides offered by the GELITA brand remain intact at the time of digestion, which demonstrates effective bioavailability, penetration into the bloodstream and optimal and rapid use. The other peptides are broken down into amino acids used as building blocks for the various other tissues. In addition, Tendoforte® is specially designed to contain collagen peptides capable of targeting ligamentocytes and tenocytes (ligament and tendon cells) in order to activate their protein biosynthesis mechanism to produce new collagen and other extracellular matrix molecules.

The specific, physiologically active collagen peptides of Tendoforte® which are partially absorbed in intact form, make it possible to directly target the cells of the tendons and ligaments to activate their collagen synthesis metabolism.

Finally, like its cousin Fortigel®, its effectiveness has been proven in various studies, which justifies its high quality and its place among the best collagen supplements on the market.

An in vitro study 8 carried out on fibroblasts (derived from human Achilles ligaments and tendons) showed an increase in the production of tissue matrix (from 1.2 to 2.4 times more) when these cells were in contact with the peptides of Bioactive Collagen Peptides® as well as a reduction in its degradation. The expression of collagen RNA (synthesis) as well as the synthesis of elastin (essential component in the ligament matrix) increased considerably.

In a second study 9 published in Nutrients in 2019 and carried out by the Australian Institute of Sport, it was shown that supplementation with Tendoforte®, combined with a calf strengthening program, reduced the risk of injury and increase flexibility in patients with symptoms of chronic tendinopathy. Indeed, while the patients presented with a long history of Achilles tendinopathy, supplementation enabled 12 of the 18 participants to resume running-related activities.

A third study 10 conducted in 2018 examined the ability of Tendoforte® to reduce ankle sprains and improve ankle stability. After six months of supplementation, researchers observed significant improvements in ankle stability along with a reduction in sprains with a reduced rate of recurrence over the three-month follow-up period suggesting protection against injury. long-term.

The supplementation with collagen peptides of Tendoforte® allows an increase in the synthesis of collagen and other components of the ligament and tendon matrix as well as a significant improvement in the capacities of stabilization and flexion of the tendons, reducing on the one hand the risk of injury, and on the other, recovery time after injury.

What the Tendoforte® label guarantees:

Clinical research:
  • Many studies support its positive effects on ligament and tendon tissue health (increased collagen synthesis, reduced post-injury recovery time, reduced risk of injury, increased flexibility, etc.)


Product quality:
  • Natural proteins without odor or taste with very good solubility,
  • No presence of additives,
  • High digestibility,
  • non-allergenic foods,
  • Hydrolyzed peptides specifically selected to support ligament and tendon health


Accreditation and Certification:
  • In the process of ISO 14001 certification (for environmentally friendly manufacturing)
  • Received the 'Ingredient of the Year' award in the Sports Nutrition category at the 2020 Nutra Ingredient Awards.
  • Compliance with the ISO50001 standard (energy management system)
  • Responsible employer policy, commitment to greater animal welfare (first active ingredient producer member of the Animal Welfare Initiative)
  • Evaluated and certified to meet the requirements of NSF 229 (ensures compliance with food safety standards and quality controls throughout the production process)

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