The label :

Vitargo® is a supplement brand based on very high molecular weight carbohydrates intended for athletes. Produced from starch from different vegetable sources, it is the patented process and its unique molecular imprint that gives Vitargo® its particularity as the most quickly assimilated carbohydrate compound on the market.

Composition :

Vitargo® is a carbohydrate (or carbohydrate) produced from a polymer of glucose, that is to say, a starch (reserve sugar of plant cells). It can be made from most plant starches but it was from a special strain of maize (the richest in starch), waxy maize, that it was first produced. Today, depending on where you buy Vitargo® in the world, it can come from barley or waxy maize starch (potato starch was even used as a starting source in the first two studies carried out on Vitargo®).

NB: Some brands (eg Scitec Nutrition) can market and manufacture their own Vitargo® products because they have also purchased the patent. Be sure to always check that the Vitargo® label is present in the list of product components to ensure that this is indeed the ingredient sought and not a counterfeit or a mixture of sugars .


Vitargo® is a special carbohydrate because it has a particularly high molecular weight profile (500,000 to 700,000g/mol) very different from other carbohydrates (hundreds and thousands of times larger) which make up the sugars we know good (glucose, fructose, sucrose, maltodextrin, dextrose…).

Vitargo® is only composed of this particular form of carbohydrate (for the plain version). No other sugar is part of the composition. It is therefore gluten-free (since protein-free) and the only thing that can vary from one product to another is the plant source from which the starch comes.

Function :

Vitargo® is a premium carbohydrate manufactured to provide the body with quality energy that is quickly usable or storable.

During training, glycogen stores (reserve sugar in animal muscle tissue) tend to decrease as energy demand increases and lasts over time. Vitargo®, by its high molecular weight, brings immediately available carbohydrates (less than 2 minutes to reach the blood) to the body. Knowing that during an exercise, the body first uses the glucose available in the blood as a source of energy, a continuous supply allows, on the one hand, to provide it with energy continuously, and on the other, to prevent it from drawing too much on muscle glycogen stores.

When the training is over, it is important to supply your body with nutrients and in particular carbohydrates, in order to refill the muscles then overused by so much exercise. Taking Vitargo® directly after an effort allows an increased and rapid supply of carbohydrates to the body which will then trigger the insulinemia response. The latter makes it possible, from the glucose present in the blood, to activate the restocking of muscular glycogen via the process of glycogenesis.

To sum up, Vitargo® allows an accelerated and continuous supply of carbohydrates to the body during and after exercise, guaranteeing on the one hand, an increase in endurance and muscular performance and on the other hand, muscle recovery. fast and optimal by an accelerated and complete reconstitution of glycogen reserves.

How is Vitargo ® different from others? : As said before, Vitargo® is different from other carbohydrates by its very high molecular weight (100 to 1000 times higher than maltodextrin or glucose). In addition, it is made through a special patented fractionation process that makes its form quickly assimilated by the body (about 10min after ingestion). Indeed, in a university study 1 carried out in 2000, it was shown that Vitargo® is emptied from the stomach, enters the small intestine and passes into the bloodstream, 2 to 3 times faster than maltodextrin and others carbohydrates used in sports supplementation without potentiating the increase in blood sugar or circulating insulin.

A second advantage of Vitargo® is its low osmolarity which gives it both a low ability to attract and retain water or gastric fluids but also a higher gastric emptying capacity (it therefore spends less time in stomach). All this avoids the "bloating" effects that can be felt when consuming other "energy" drinks rich in sugar (maltodextrin type) attracting and retaining water longer in the stomach and preventing optimal comfort during of training. This increase in gastric emptying also allows an increase in the passage of other nutrients consumed at the same time as Vitargo® in the bloodstream and towards the muscles (amino acids for example).

Another advantage of Vitargo® is its strong ability to regenerate glycogen levels. Indeed, in a second study 2 carried out at the Karolinska Institute, Vitargo® was shown to regenerate glycogen stores 70% faster and 77% more strongly (in terms of quantity) than all other carbohydrate drinks tested ( in just about 2 hours after training) due to its lower osmolarity. Therefore, the recovery is very fast and allows a good muscular preparation for the next training sessions.

Vitargo®, in addition to its superior ability to provide energy substrate quickly to the body, allows, as a result, to improve sports performance and endurance. In a study 3 published in the Journal of Sports and Science, post-exercise ingestion of Vitargo® was shown to improve performance by up to 23% during subsequent cycling exercise. Similarly, in a latest and more recent study 4 , it was shown that the consumption of Vitargo® after intense and prolonged endurance exercise, improved movement speed and power during subsequent repeated resistance exercises in comparison. with maltodextrin.

In short, Vitargo® is considered today as the most quickly absorbed and assimilated form of carbohydrate by the body. This unique ability not only allows a much faster and more constant supply of carbohydrates that can be used as an energy source during physical exercise for strength or endurance, but also a much higher speed and efficiency of muscle recovery than other carbohydrates. used in sports supplementation. Finally, by its very low osmolarity, it avoids the effects of "bloated or heavy stomach" that athletes can feel after ingesting most training carbohydrates.

What the Vitargo® label guarantees:

  • A unique and patented form of carbohydrate, Intestinal absorption twice as fast as other carbohydrates on the market (dextrose, maltodextrin, etc.),
  • Faster and higher glycogen restoration than other carbs on the market,
  • Digestive comfort after ingestion (no feeling of bloating) and the possibility of training just after consumption,
  • Abundant and tangible scientific evidence,
  • A 100% pure product without the addition of other molecules (for the plain version),
  • Numerous certifications (BSCG, Halal, Kosher, Elisa tested gluten-free) and quality assurance (HACCP, IPM),
  • Starch from guaranteed GMO-free agriculture and manufacturing in a "closed system" (no transport of the powder between production and packaging) exclusively reserved for the production of starch (no risk of contamination).

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