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Berberine Pure 300mg - Dynveo

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  • Cholesterol | Blood sugar | Slimming
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Berberine is a molecule extracted from the root of an Asian plant: barberry. It has been used for a very long time in traditional Chinese medicine. Voir plus
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Berberine Pure 300mg - Dynveo

29,90 €

Berberine Pure 300mg - Dynveo

29,90 €
Product description

Berberine, is an alkaloid, a natural molecule found in nature, this plant has been used for millennia in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.

Berberine is undoubtedly one of the most virtuous natural substances that exist. Recognized for its therapeutic powers, it has been used for 2500 years in the traditional Asian pharmacopoeia.

Pure Berberine Dynveo, is standardized and controlled at more than 98%, in a stable form. This is the highest grade of berberine on the market.

The vegetable capsules contain only berberine, and nothing else!

Today still, berberine is recommended in modern herbal medicine to treat various ailments. Its amazing properties make it an alternative of choice for treating certain modern pathologies without the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Dynveo offers you an extract of Berberis aristata, dosed at 300 mg of Berberine HCl per vegetarian capsule. Pure and natural, it is standardized to more than 98%, in its stable form. From an eco-responsible hydroalcoholic extraction, we guarantee you the highest grade of quality.

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The benefits of berberine

Numerous studies have highlighted the benefits of berberine when taken oral from 300mg/day. These benefits relate to many metabolic parameters*, unfortunately, current legislation does not allow us to communicate on the health benefits of berberine. We invite you to carry out your research on the site of scientific references: Pubmed.

*metabolic parameters (including cardiovascular): blood lipid and carbohydrate levels, cholesterol, hypertension, hemoglobin glycation ...



Take 2 to 3 capsules daily with meals and a glass of water. To fully benefit from the effects of pure Berberine, we recommend 1 capsule just before (about 5 min) or during meals. That is 900mg per day in total.



For adults only. Berberine is one of the food supplements not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children. Indeed, a 2019 report from the National Health Security Agency (ANSES) confirms the pharmacological effects of berberine on the cardiovascular, immune and nervous systems and on the metabolism from 400 mg/day.

Nevertheless, it warns of potential drug interactions as well as certain side effects.

We therefore advise to respect the indicated dosage, not to exceed the recommended daily dose and to take advice medical in the event of pathologies or concomitant medication.

Food supplements must be used as part of a healthy lifestyle and not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and balanced.


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