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  • Deep Muscle & Tissue Massage
  • Relaxing & Relaxing Massage
  • Relieves Muscle Pain & Tension
  • Allows for better post-workout recovery
  • Treats chronic pain
  • Optimal Ergonomics - Easy handling
  • High Quality Materials - Polished Stainless Steel
  • 6 Bends - Tailored to every muscle
  • User guide offered to download during your purchase
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Gua-Sha Scraper - Bodytrainerz

69,50 €

Gua-Sha Scraper - Bodytrainerz

69,50 €

Gua-sha consists of rubbing with a smooth-edged instrument (the scraper) the surface of the skin where there is a subcutaneous lesion, imbalance or contracture. When the treatment is effective, a reddening of the skin, known as "sha", may be observed. This is a favorable response, providing immediate and lasting benefit, reducing heat and inflammation, eliminating coldness and relieving pain, whether superficial or deep.

Gua-sha is used to treat many acute and chronic health conditions, as varied as colds, flu, fever, headache, indigestion, dizziness, wounds, joint pain, fibromyalgia and “heatstroke”.

It is also commonly practiced to release muscle tension and pain as well as fatigue. One can also resort to the action of touching with Gua-sha on the acupressure points and the meridians in order to improve the health which can moreover be practiced through the clothes (without intention to reveal the redness ).

If "deep" muscle massages are strongly recommended during the practice of any sports activity, it is simply because they have many undeniable and scientifically proven benefits! Well executed, a deep massage (the aim of which is to relax the muscles and tissues of the body), allows for example faster recovery after physical exertion, better oxygenation, muscle tone and flexibility, reduction in aches and the risk of injury, or even a reduction in the onset of chronic pain.

To be used with our massage oil (sold separately) Arti'relax Bio

"Gua" means to rub or scratch, and the second, "sha", is the name given to the characteristic dotted diffuse redness and discoloration that appears on the skin during and after treatment. "Gua-sha" therefore means
"to make "sha" appear by scratching".

In the English-speaking world, this method is also known as scraping, scraping or grattage.

One way to diagnose the presence of "sha" is to press with the fingers at the site of the pain. Under normal conditions, as soon as the fingers are removed, the traces left by the pressure disappear quickly. On the other hand, when a "sha" (toxin) is present, the discolored or white traces remain longer and fade slowly, because the local circulation is impeded.

Gua-Sha is therefore a Chinese method which has the effect of relieving muscle pain by stimulating the elimination of a particular type of toxin called "sha", which is a cause of pain and of stiffness. It is a relaxing and pleasant method using the scraper which draws toxins to the surface, which temporarily causes marks on the skin. The marks fade quickly within twenty-four hours of treatment and usually disappear within three to four days.

Gua-Sha is a natural alternative therapy of traditional Chinese medicine that consists of rubbing the skin with a massage tool designed for this purpose . These massages will then stimulate the micro circulation of the tissues, thus increasing blood flow and fighting against stagnant energy in the body and "sha" toxins, potentially responsible for inflammation or chronic pain.

With our Gua-Sha Scraper BTZ you can therefore easily reproduce these massages at home and enjoy all the benefits! We have worked hard on the ergonomics of the product to offer the best possible comfort of use at home. Thanks to its unique design of 6 curved curves, it is possible to massage all parts of the body, from the smallest areas (neck, arms, etc.) to the largest muscles (legs, back, etc.).

Gua-sha can be applied all over the body.

Use a massage oil with anti-inflammatory properties such as our massage oil: ARTI'RELAX HUILE DE MASSAGE specially chosen for use of Gua-Sha, then spread it over the area to be treated.

As soon as you are done with an area, immediately cover it with a towel to keep it warm.

Note: Be careful not to go over any moles, pimples, or abnormal areas of skin. To avoid a mole, place your finger on it to protect it from contact.

A user guide is provided to you for the purchase of the Gua-sha Scraper which you will receive in the form of a PDF with videos of different examples of use for each muscle.

  • As a natural remedy, Gua-Sha Scraper is safe. The procedure can change the appearance of your skin (redness and/or small bleeding) linked to the stimulation of microcirculation and the small blood vessels (called capillaries) located near the surface of your skin. These bruises and marks usually disappear within a few days.
  • In case of bleeding, there is a risk of transmission of blood-borne diseases with the practice of Gua-Sha. It is therefore important to carefully disinfect the massage tool BEFORE and AFTER each use.
  • Avoid using the Gua-Sha Scraper if you have had surgery in
    the past six weeks.

Take care to avoid pimples, moles and any other areas with skin abnormalities, which could be scraped, scratched or injured by an instrument running over them. Care must also be taken to apply the appropriate pressure to each region. The first rule of any therapeutic process is to DO NO HARM.

Do not apply the Gua-sha method:

  • To people too weak to withstand the treatment
  • People suffering from bleeding
  • People taking anticoagulants
  • During pregnancy
  • After surgery
  • On areas with varicose veins, skin damage, open wounds or scratches.
  • In the event of a serious contagious disease
  • Within one hour after or before a meal
  • The Gua-Sha Scraper BTZ can be used by all health professionals (Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Chiropractor, Etiopath, Sports Doctor. )
  • The Gua-Sha Scraper BTZ can be used by athletes of all levels easily and alone (in accessible areas).
  • The Gua-Sha Scraper BTZ suitable for all types of people.

The testimony of Dr. Bruce Bentley
studied in Asia with expert Gua-Sha practitioners at Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.

"It's always a fascinating moment for me, when I have the opportunity to demonstrate Gua-sha to students for the first time, and see the amazement on their faces .

What convinces them of the authenticity of the method is the ease with which the "sha" (redness) appears intensely after only a few frictions applied with a light and benevolent hand on the painful areas . They notice as easily as on a healthy zone, one cannot in any way make appear such a modification of color.

Another very convincing point is to see that the “patient” immediately reports that he feels much better. When in class a person with a stiff and sore neck offers himself as a “guinea pig”, we are sure to have a good demonstration of the effectiveness of Gua-Sha.

It is always worthwhile, before treating the area, to take the time to examine its degree of mobility so that observers can subsequently measure the gain in mobility and comfort.

Comments such as "intriguing" or "really unexpected" are often heard in the assembly. One of the reasons why many people in rural areas throughout Asia appreciate the Gua-Sha technique is because of the immediate relief it provides. They say that they can thus continue their work of the day. "


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