VELVET MEN - T-Shirt - Black

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The sportswear T-shirt with a touch of softness... from elsewhere


  • Up-Size Fit
  • Wide Shoulder Effect
  • Thin waist effect
  • Fitted cut close to the body
  • Mixed clothing
  • ...
size : S
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VELVET MEN - T-Shirt - Black

23,50 €

VELVET MEN - T-Shirt - Black

23,50 €
size : S
When a touch of originality reinvents a flagship BodyTrainerZ product!
Indeed, our Velvet T-Shirt is an original and functional derivative of one of the best-selling products on our online store, Up Size T-Shirt!
With a few little extras: a hood for the sportswear style, a unique velvet feel for originality (and softness) and a multi-season material to wear this product according to your desires!


The promise of Up Size? Visually increase the "wide shoulders / narrow waist" effect with a well thought-out, fitted cut, fitted close to the body and a relief design on the top of the T-Shirt and the shoulders to widen the build.
It's a successful bet with the Velvet T-Shirt which meets all these criteria and highlights all body types by reproducing this "Up Size" effect
And what's more? With its irresistible Velvet texture and its 100% polyester composition, the thick resistant and resistant fabric of this T-Shirt makes it a pleasant garment to wear in all circumstances... indoors, outdoors, summer, winter... you you won't leave it again!


There were so many of you and many to be seduced by this technical and original product, that in the face of all your requests, this model initially planned as a "limited collection" is now part of our permanent product range, because at BodyTrainerZ we will always be listening to you!
So you too, let yourself be tempted by this Up Size cut T-Shirt with a 100% Velvet touch, which will flatter your figure thanks to its well-worked cut!
Besides, the double favorite of the girls of the BTZ team is the slightly asymmetrical bottom of the T-Shirt (long cut, slightly shorter sides) which conceals do the buttocks during training... that's it! ;)
Now there is only one question left to ask: will you dare to be original?

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