Almond puree Crunchy - 500g Koro

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  • Crunchy Version
  • Made from 100% blanched almonds
  • Source of protein
  • No added sugars or salt - naturally contains sugar
  • Incomparably creamy
  • Versatile use, whether as a topping on sweet dishes or to refine savory dishes
Mashed white almonds in a crunchy version. Versatile use whether sweet or savory. Voir plus
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Almond puree Crunchy - 500g Koro

14,90 €

Almond puree Crunchy - 500g Koro

14,90 €
What is that ?

When someone talks to you about almond paste, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

What do you associate the almond puree with? There is no doubt that we have the same image in our minds at the moment: a good spoon with the creamy almond puree dripping on your porridge or on your slice of sourdough bread from your baker.

Hmm - who doesn't get their mouth watering hearing that?

Whole or white almond puree?

Almond puree comes in two varieties - white and whole.
What is the difference ?
It's very simple: with the whole almond puree, the almonds are not peeled and are roasted and transformed into a creamy puree. This gives the Whole Almond Purée a strong, nutty almond flavor.

For the white almond puree, the almonds are peeled and blanched. This gives the white almond puree a sweet taste.

Recipes with almond puree

White almond puree is perfect for spreading on bread.

But walnut puree has much more to offer: whether in cakes, muffins, cookies or desserts. Because almond puree is also ideal for baking because of its sweet aroma. This versatile food is also very good in savory dishes.

Refine salad dressings, sauces or as a substitute for cheese in a casserole: almond puree does it all. And let's face it, what would a porridge be without a spoonful of mashed almonds?

Our tip: if you have nothing to snack on, a simple spoonful of our almond puree is a delight. And best of all, every dish will be spiced up with a bit of protein. Because mashed white almonds are a great source of protein and bring variety to your kitchen!

Unlike many other manufacturers, Koro almond puree is made without any additives and without sugar or salt.
It contains only sugar naturally.
Likewise, flavourings, colorings or preservatives are literally not in the jar!

Buy this super-ultra-creamy almond mash now and never be bored with your dull porridge again!

Ingredients :

100% Blanched and roasted almonds

May contain traces of other nuts (cashew and pistachio)

Nutritional Information:

Ingredients : 85% ALMONDS, 15% ALMOND PIECES

Allergens : May contain traces of soy, milk (lactose), hazelnuts, cashews and pistachios

Origin : United States, Australia, Chile, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Pakistan, Afghanistan / Processing : Germany

Store at room temperature. After opening, store in the refrigerator. Stir well in case of oil deposit.


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