Organic creamy peanut puree - 500g Koro

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  • 100% peanuts from organic farming
  • Source of protein
  • No added sugars or salt, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Versatile use, whether as a topping on sweet dishes or to refine savory dishes
  • Ideal for muesli, topping or spread
  • Ultra-crispy
This tasty, additive-free peanut mash is ideal for its versatile use. As a sweet or savory topping. Voir plus
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Organic creamy peanut puree - 500g Koro

9,90 €

Organic creamy peanut puree - 500g Koro

9,90 €
What is it?

Calling all oilseed puree fans! KoRo now offers the long-awaited organic peanut puree in a crunchy version to meet the demand of the crunchy lovers among you.

It can be eaten with a spoon, as a spread or to enhance your muesli. Its crunch will make more than one crack!

This tasty crunchy peanut puree is made from 100% peanuts from controlled organic farming.

That's why which is called mashed peanuts, not peanut butter.

Unlike mashed peanuts, peanut butter often contains added salt and sugar. But they don't need that at KoRo - this crunchy peanut mash is delicious even without additives. Moreover, with 28.8% protein per 100g, it is also a real vegetable protein bomb.

Nutritional information and ingredients:

Ingredient: 100% Peanuts* from organic farming

Allergens: May contain traces of sesame, almonds, hazelnuts, and cashew nuts

Raw material: Egypt, China, Paraguay / Processing: Netherlands

Store at room temperature. After opening, store in the refrigerator. Stir well in case of oil deposit


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