Pistachio Puree - 500g Koro

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  • 100% pistachios
  • Super creamy consistency
  • No added sugar - naturally contains sugar
  • Source of protein
  • Versatile use, whether as a topping on sweet dishes or to refine savory dishes
Sweet and creamy pistachio puree with an intense taste and an ultra creamy texture. Accompany your breakfasts and snacks. Voir plus
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Pistachio Puree - 500g Koro

29,90 €

Pistachio Puree - 500g Koro

29,90 €
What is that ?

The pistachio is known to everyone, especially during aperitifs. Today, we present it to you in a smooth and creamy form, it is of course pistachio puree. They are shelled then roasted before transforming them into a puree with an intense taste and a pretty green and golden color.

It was just missing to add to our collection of oilseed purees.

Pistachios are the fruits of the pistachio tree which belongs to the sumac family and can measure up to 12 meters! A true giant that can also reach the grand age of 300 years, making it one of the oldest cultivated flowering plants. Originally from the Middle East, today they grow a lot in Arab countries as well as in the United States.

Another little info: the pistachio is not a nut but a stone fruit. So, did you learn anything?

A versatile ingredient

Salty or sweet: the choice is yours! Did you know that pistachio ice cream is super easy to make yourself with this puree? You can try your own express pistachio milk with it, enough to make a delicious pistachio cake afterwards.

Add a tablespoon of pistachio puree to your desserts to make it even more delicious. And savory, this puree will also be wonderful in a sauce for your salads or as a spread. All you have to do is test it all!

A pure pleasure

A creamy puree made from 100% pistachio: a dream, isn't it?
There is nothing but pistachios in this puree: no salt, oil or sugar (contains sugar naturally). In addition, this unique ingredient comes from controlled organic farming.

Nutritional values

Ingredients: 100% Pistachios

Allergens: May contain traces of almonds, hazelnuts and cashew nuts

Origin of pistachios: Iran / Origin of processing: Italy


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