Whey+ Proβios® matrix - 900g

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  • Lacty β80® quality for the raw material (milk from the Netherlands & Ireland, quality control, animal ethics, etc.)
  • Enriched with ProβiosMatrix® probiotics and nucleotides
  • Improved absorption and digestibility
  • Microfiltration & Cold Ultrafiltration
Contributes to the support and maintenance of muscle growth thanks to a selection of proteins with an excellent profile of amino acids with high digestibility. Voir plus
taste: Chocolate Mousse
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Whey+ Proβios® matrix - 900g

Whey+ Proβios® matrix - 900g

38,90 €

Whey+ Proβios® matrix - 900g

38,90 €
taste: Chocolate Mousse
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What is it?

Wheyß+® is a whey protein whey obtained by cross-flow microfiltration and ultrafiltration techniques, which allow the production of a product high quality, low in carbohydrates (including lactose) and fat.

Wheyß+® is enriched with ProβiosMatrix®, a mixture of nucleotides and probiotics.

These probiotics are resistant to the unfavorable conditions of the manufacturing process of the isolate (heat, humidity. ) but also to those of the stomach (acidity) which allows their implantation in the intestine without any deterioration or loss. In addition, the addition of probiotics in Wheyß+® represents a real health benefit since they promote better digestion and absorption of nutrients and especially proteins.

Protein intake being the primary building block of the body and therefore of muscle, it is an essential element for progressing in bodybuilding/fitness for both recovery and muscle growth.


Lacty β80® is a whey protein obtained by ultrafiltration to considerably reduce the content of sugars (especially lactose), fat and minerals (which give a bad taste to protein powder) . Thus, this whey protein extraction and filtration technique guarantees high purity with a high concentration of proteins rich in essential amino acids (BCAA, EAA) and improved absorption and digestibility.

Proβios Matrix® is a mixture of nucleotides and probiotics.

Probiotics are live micro-organisms added to food (or in the form of food supplements) that confer benefits on the health of the host, particularly at the intestinal level. Here, the sporulating strains chosen (Bacillus coagulans and Bacillus subtilis), are particularly resistant to unfavorable conditions (heat, humidity, acidity) which guarantees their implantation in the intestine without loss or deterioration.

With regard to Bacillus coagulans, it has been shown in various studies that once active in the small intestine, it helps in the digestion of carbohydrates and protein and that, when co-administered with protein, increased their absorption and maximized the health benefits associated with protein supplementation. Indeed, Bacillus coagulanswould increase the absorption of EAA including that of leucine by 20% and the utilization of proteins by 10% (animal and human studies). Finally, the addition of Bacillus coagulans in protein supplementation has been shown to reduce training-induced muscle damage and increase subsequent performance, evidence of a good recovery response .

Furthermore, these strains create an intestinal environment that is not hospitable to pathogens resulting in a healthier and more efficient intestinal flora that is better able to utilize nutrients. In addition, they increase the benefits of prebiotics (probiotic nutrient substrate) as well as the formation of other nutrients essential for the health of intestinal cells. Finally, these strains have demonstrated benefits in improving postprandial symptoms such as bloating or stomach aches as well as anti-inflammatory and immune effects that improve the health of cells in the intestinal mucosa and thus absorption. nutrients through optimal villus development (absorption zone).

Nucleotides (here IMP, GMP and AMP) are molecules involved in most biochemical processes (protein, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism) and are the major constituents of nucleic acids ( DNA and RNA). They are strongly involved in the active proliferation of cells of the immune system and the intestine. Nucleotide requirements cannot be fully met by endogenous synthesis (production by the organism itself). This is why they are considered "conditionally essential" nutrients and must be provided through the diet in order to guarantee rapid DNA and RNA synthesis and therefore increase the rate of cell growth and renewal. . Among the nucleotides chosen here, AMP (adenosine monophosphate) can be regenerated into ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) and therefore provides energy to the organism. In addition, these three nucleotides are used as natural flavor enhancers in the food industry, since they make it possible to reduce the bitter flavor and increase the "sweet" flavor of proteins.

In conclusion, this new formula has been designed to support and maintain muscle growth through the selection of proteins with an excellent amino acid profile with high digestibility, and to increase the absorption of nutrients as well as maintain the balance of the intestinal flora thanks to the presence of the Proβios® matrix.

The little extra quality:

4+ Nutrition selects high quality raw materials, obtained using modern technologies and using methods accredited production facilities, which allow the entire production chain to be monitored.

These high-quality raw materials are made from carefully selected milk of European origin only. The milk is notably obtained from cows raised in the Netherlands and Ireland, with ethical respect for their well-being, who follow a controlled and balanced diet according to their nutritional needs.

These raw materials comply with European quality standards and meet the requirements of the OIE (Office International des Epizooties) or the World Organization for Animal Health, which guarantee maximum transparency regarding animal health status in member countries for the prevention of the spread of infectious animal diseases.


Advice for use: 1 dose (1 and half for larger sizes) before and/or after your training session, as well as as a snack to maximize your protein synthesis over the day.


Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as substitutes for a varied diet. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Keep out of reach of children under three years old. Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature.

Nutritional information and ingredients

Whey protein concentrate (milk) (contains emulsifier: lecithin of soya), cocoa powder reduced in fat, flavourings, sweetener: sucralose; Proβios matrix [nucleotide 5'-monophosphate (guanosine 5'-monophosphate, inosine 5

The 900g jar contains 30 servings of 30g
Our professionals' opinion

Advice of a nutrition professional

"Whey protein is the protein source with the highest biological value higher (higher than that of eggs or soy). However, they are not all well digested by everyone. Here, WheyB+ is an isolate, which means that most of the "less digestible" components are in very low proportions (especially lactose). In addition, the formula associated with Probios matrix allows to increase this digestibility in addition to all the other interests and health benefits that these probiotics add to the product. Thus, because the choice of a protein powder should not be made solely on taste (which is not at all a quality criterion), the choice of WheyB+ seems be a very good compromise between high quality, health benefits and taste pleasure. "

Opinion from a coach

"Whey protein is a top choice for athletes, its effectiveness backed by over 50 years of research in nutrition, exercise and muscle metabolism.

Protein is a strategic choice when it comes to having your protein intake, Its practicality makes it an ally of choice for people who do not have time to eat 3-4-5 times a day or who simply have no appetite. "

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Stephane Fromont

Whey+ Proβios® matrix - 900g


Whey+ Proβios® matrix - 900g


des demandes pour des protéines sans arôme artificiel

Arnaud Pfeiffer

Excellent et bon goût

Julie Hennuy
Rien à redire

Utilisation presque quotidienne. Haute qualité!! Je recommande


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