The label :

Albion® is a renowned supplier in the sale of chelated minerals via the TRAACS® method. Albion's amino acid chelates used in mineral supplements provide complete organic mineral nutrition, i.e. giving the greatest chance of absorbing the minerals for maximum benefit from their biological properties.

Composition :

Albion® is a company producing mineral supplements in chelated form. Chelation is a physico-chemical process allowing to bind a mineral with a ligand, therefore a substance which binds what interests us. Generally, and this is also the case with Albion, the mineral is chelated to an amino acid. To be precise, chelation requires a double ligation (at least), that is to say that a mineral, for example magnesium, will be bound at its ends by 2 amino acids such as glycine, so we have the following diagram: Glycine-Magnesium-Glycine. In addition, Albion Minerals has developed its own chelation process which is now patented. The TRAACS® system makes it possible to copy the process of binding minerals to amino acids which takes place in the stomach during digestion in order to form small chelated molecules which pass more easily through the intestinal wall thanks to the affinity of the intestine for the absorption of amino acids.

Function :

Minerals have long been sidelined in the fields of biology and nutrition, in favor of vitamins. But recently, a growing number of studies demonstrate the importance of minerals in humans. This change in consideration is not due to chance but therefore to the evolution and progress of knowledge, whether on the functioning of hormones, enzymes, immunology and more generally molecular biology. We now understand the fundamental role of minerals via their ability to bind to proteins in our body, thus changing their shape, structure or activity, we then speak of metallo - proteins .

We distinguish the macro-elements (present at levels greater than 5g in the whole organism of a 70kg man: Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium and the micro-elements (Iron, Copper, Zinc, etc.). Formerly , we used to talk about trace elements for minerals whose content was less than 1 mg/Kg of body mass.Today, we talk more about trace or ultra-trace elements (Selenium, Iodine, Nickel, etc.)

Minerals can be essential, indispensable and toxic at the same time. Essential refers to a compound that has a role in a biological function. Indispensable refers to an essential compound that must be provided through the diet . An essential element is necessarily essential but an essential element is not necessarily essential (if the body naturally synthesizes the essential element for example). Finally, toxic when intake exceeds a certain quantity. Some compounds are even toxic by inhalation but useful to the body when they are brought by food.

Minerals are chemically very stable in general, even if exposed to extreme temperatures. And to come back to the metallo-proteins, the majority are enzymes, for example there are 200 enzymes dependent on Zinc, a dozen on copper… in order to make them active. But minerals have many other functions:

    • Stabilize the structure of vitamins (ex: Cobalt stabilizes vitamin B12).
    • Expression of the hormonal signal (ex: Zinc allows the synthesis of testosterone).
    • Defense of the body from the outside world: Iron, Zinc and Selenium participate in the immune system.
    • Fight against free radicals and antioxidants.

Albion®, as a world leader in the production of chelated minerals, is widely recommended in the event of a deficiency or deficit in order to counter all kinds of anomalies or pathologies that may arise. And thanks to its great absorption capacities, the body can thus regulate the quantity it needs for its optimal functioning. A severely deficient person will absorb 90% of the mineral consumed while another with a slight deficiency will absorb much less.

How is Carnipure® different from others? :

First, Albion minerals is not a new industry, their 50 years of experience have enabled them to develop their processes and therefore their products as well as possible. Albion is today considered a world leader and innovator in the field of nutrition based on amino acid chelated minerals. This consideration is based on years of extensive research, clinical analysis, third-party reviews and careful laboratory manufacturing that allows Albion to produce an actively reacting and highly effective chelate. And thanks to their totally transparent manufacturing processes, Albion claims to be the only manufacturer to be able to prove that the products they sell are actually chelated, and this is indisputably the case.

Indeed, this company does not skimp on the quantity of patents filed in the field of mineral nutrition: more than 100! Moreover, these patents have not been filed by just anyone. Albion is made up of eminent scientists, including published researchers who have spoken at scientific congresses around the world. These experts represent a wide variety of knowledge, understanding and expertise in the body's use of minerals, which facilitates Albion's goal of staying up to date on the most advanced scientific knowledge of minerals. to apply this knowledge for the benefit of human health.

The patented TRAACS® chelation process is supported by numerous patents and published clinical studies relating to Albion's mineral amino acid chelates. No other producer of mineral amino acid chelates has ever published a clinical study on their “chelates”, Albion yes!

On the other hand, TRAACS® is the acronym for “The Real Amino Acid Chelate System” and is the trademark of Albion® Human Nutrition for a range of exclusive patented products. The name TRAACS therefore reflects a patented test method that Albion has developed for the process of identifying amino acid chelates, which has been the subject of a US patent (#7,144,737, Process of determination of the percentage of chelation in a dry mixture) Simply put, this method is based on infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) which measures the amount of infrared light that a compound absorbs at a given wavelength ( more details here ). It is then thanks to the infrared spectra obtained and to the absorbance measurements that it is possible to identify the presence and the percentage of chelates in the compound. In the end, and if you had to remember only one thing, it is that the TRAACS method ensures that all the molecules you absorb are chelated.

For example, this method is applied to produce iron chelate Ferrochel® (a branch of Albion). In a first test , Ferrochel® is compared to another brand, the absorption spectrum obtained showed that the iron chelate of the other brand was not one and was therefore not equivalent to Ferrochel®. Further additional testing based on other known parameters of true mineral amino acid chelates has been performed and has shown that in comparison to another brand of iron chelate:

    • The ligand: metal (amino acid: iron) ratio was higher with Ferrochel® and insufficient with the other brand to be a true chelate,
    • There was no presence of other forms of iron in Ferrochel® (proving the stability of the chelate) in comparison with the other brand for which they noted the presence of iron sulphate,
    • There was no presence of other metals in Ferrochel® unlike the other brand in which the presence of potassium was noted.
    • There was no separation of the ligand with the metal in the water in Ferrochel® unlike the other brand where crystals of iron sulphate were found in the water during an intestinal absorption simulation test . This means that the metal separated from the ligand during filtration.

To date, Albion Minerals is the only manufacturer of chelates to provide identification methods (TRAACS ® FT-IR) for its products which assure the consumer of the unique presence of a stable chelated form for its minerals.

Obviously, Ferrochel is only one product among many others marketed by Albion, but all are chelated and many studies support their great effectiveness. Let's take the example of calcium, in a study 1 seven categories of calcium were compared, it emerges that of the two types of calcium marketed by Albion® (a calcium malate and a chelated calcium), the two are by far (very far), the most soluble but also and above all the most absorbed by the body. If you are still not convinced, we find the same phenomenon for magnesium in a study 2 which compared a magnesium bisglycinate from Albion®, therefore chelated, and another commercial magnesium. Once again the absorption of magnesium from Albion is significantly higher, so that it is recommended for people suffering from acute deficiency or having a shortened intestine (ablation or atrophy), therefore less absorption capacity. We could go on for a long time, and on each product marketed by this company, each has scientific evidence: additional information .

The chelated forms of Albionl® are the safest on the current market in the short and long term, guaranteeing a very high assimilation of minerals and making it possible to treat many deficiencies without reporting side effects.

What the Albion® Mineral label guarantees:

Clinical research :

  • 57 years of experience in the dietary supplement business
  • Clinical research:
  • Powerful scientific support via numerous clinical studies and registered patents proving the effectiveness of the products sold.

Product quality / patents:

  • Obtained a patent for the creation of an identification and verification process for the chelated form of dietary supplements (TRAACS®) approved by the AOAC.
  • A safe chelated structure with regulated absorption according to the body's needs.
  • A reduction in the undesirable side effects that are often found associated with conventional supplements from other brands (constipation, stomach aches, diarrhea, etc.)
  • Increased bioavailability and a stable form that remains intact during digestion

Accreditation and certification:

  • Advanced Certificate of Analysis (COA) to support the validity of the mineral amino acid chelates produced (FT-IR tracing for products in the TRAACS® range)
  • Acceptance as a safe food additive by the Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) of WHO and FAO,
  • Certified Kosher, Vegetarian, Non-GMO, BSE Free and Hypoallergenic,
  • Recognized as safe by the US FDA.

Shop review:

If we had to choose only one supplier when it comes to minerals, it would be Albion! Indeed, the absorption rate of their products is unequaled on the market, moreover their TRAACS method assures us that 100% of what we consume is indeed chelated. Thus, no waste, no losses but a complete assimilation of minerals for maximum benefits on our physiological systems, and therefore our health.

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References :

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