Labz project


One watchword: quality!

Although it is common to many projects, we deeply want to make quality. But it is in its ability to go from will to reality that Labz is extraordinary! Indeed, each member of the team has the same work ethic and wishes to highlight only very high efficiency products, which they themselves consume or could consume.

Behind a name like “Labz”, the semantic proximity to “label” is certainly no coincidence. Indeed, labeling is at the heart of the initial project, and how can we ignore labels when we only want to offer the elite of the supplement? A label is a guarantee of quality in all sectors of activity, but all the more so in the world of food supplements where many manufacturers pay little attention to the purity of the ingredients chosen, to the methods of production and shelf life, as well as the effectiveness of their product provided they sell well. In other words, marketing takes precedence over efficiency. And you will have understood it, our conception of things totally at odds with this way of doing things.

Therefore, a label is a "quality mark" that the manufacturer affixes to his product. The approach is voluntary and the certification is granted by a sworn external body. The goal: to enhance the product by providing it with a “top of the range” guarantee. The word "label" is therefore a protected word that should not be taken lightly, because it attests to a real added value to a product.

Proof that “quality” is the key word: the labeled mode . We have set up on the internet store the means for you to sort the supplements, in order to simplify your selection and be sure to choose only the best from the Labz catalog.

Finally, and still in this visceral approach of wanting to make and offer the best food supplements on the market worldwide, Labz is launching a big challenge: producing its own supplements! A whole range of complements will then gradually emerge within this beautiful project. The products will of course be labeled, and composed only of the best active ingredients available to date. This is made possible by extensive R&D work by our teams who make it a point of honor to select one by one the components in their optimal biological form, multiplying the announced physiological effects and considerably increasing the absorption capacities.

Product selection

Obviously, providing only quality supplements requires a lot of selection work. Our engineers in Nutrition Sciences specializing in food supplementation spend a large part of their time researching, analyzing and dissecting the smallest details of products sold around the world in order to find the rare pearl validating several fundamental criteria: relevance, safety and efficiency !

Therefore, only the best products are offered to you in the shop. This is why many brands are referenced at labz. We absolutely do not prioritize one brand over another. What interests us are the effects of the product, its composition, the evidence of its effectiveness and if there is one: the label. Conversely, only a few products are offered because why offer a lot of similar supplements when we have already found the best? The top of the range is rare, which reinforces our idea that this choice, although limited, is the right one for YOU!

Range of food supplements

Because the quality must be accessible to all budgets, Labz offers for each type of supplement an intermediate range and a very high army of a label and very often a panoply of international certifications.

Mid-range: Non-labelled products, but whose effectiveness is proven, the effects very real and whose high assimilation by the body is proven.

(Very) high-end: Labeled supplements, as close as possible to the initial concept of Labz Nutrition. These products are obviously of very high quality, but these are certified by one or more labels pointing to a problem that is very specific to a category of food supplement. In short … the Rolls of complement!

Another brand reserved for athletes?

To be honest with you, it is true that the initial catalog was essentially oriented towards sports objectives and performance. But very quickly, health at the global level became the red line of the concept. This is how the catalog has gradually expanded with food supplements having an interest first of all for your health, and by extension for your sports performance if you are practicing.

And because a healthy lifestyle is not only based on good supplementation, Labz also offers a whole food list. This list includes healthy ingredients but also gourmet pleasures to successfully maintain efforts over the long term and achieve your goals.


It seems fundamental to us to be as transparent as possible with you, whether by showing the project teams through social networks, by offering informative content on Instagram, and obviously by developing Ebooks and scientific training accessible via the site Internet.

Because affirming to do the best has little value. We want to communicate as well as possible about our products so that you understand exactly why we may hold such information. And the best vector of communication is none other than the sales pages! Unlike the vast majority of online stores, we don't simply put an add-on online by rewriting the same keywords already on the packaging. No, Labz simply offers the most documented product sheets in Europe! All the characteristics of the products are explained in detail to bring you a maximum of knowledge. When available, we even include clinical studies that scientifically demonstrate the benefits and/or effectiveness of the supplement in question. We challenge you to find a store with such documented product sheets!

Another important vector of transparency: Labz scientific training. Selecting very good supplements for you, and even more developing them ourselves, requires important scientific notions. Our passionate engineers then want to transmit the subjects that have fascinated them for many years but whose sources are complex or even sometimes impossible to decipher for a novice in the scientific world. The trainings then focus on subjects related to sport and health: food supplements, general metabolism, eating behavior disorders... These trainings are not simple popularization. We make it accessible to absolutely everyone while maintaining the scientific integrity of the information. Thus, the fundamentals are first explained, and the information gradually becomes more difficult throughout the training so that in the end you can speak like real scientists. In addition to that, tests are created to validate your skills and a certification of success is then issued to you!

An exemplary after-sales service

Offering great products is one thing, but ensuring effective customer follow-up is another. At the beginning of the Labz Nutrition concept is the desire to differentiate ourselves from other food supplement shops, in that we do not just say that we are there for you, we do! And this at any time, from Monday to Sunday, at all hours, we answer your questions, whatever they are.

Whether via the site or our social networks, our teams strive to answer your questions as quickly as possible, on the effects of supplements, dosage, ordering, delivery... in short, on everything!

This quality of after-sales service even extends to Labz partner coaches. We are committed to answering questions from customers passing through them because we are proud of our catalog and therefore the best place to answer them.


who hides behind Labelz Nutrition?

Because a concept like that of Labelz Nutrition cannot be created without a strong and united team, here is a short presentation of each of the members of our team and our most active coaches!

The internal team

Anthony ROUXEL

The brain

“I have been an online preparer for 8 years now. During these years I was able to work with several supplement shops. Unfortunately they were all oriented with the sole desire to make the maximum profit and did not have enough experience in the sports world. So I decided to bring together the best elements: professionals from the sports world and above all, enthusiasts.

It is therefore by coming together under the same values: Objectivity, Knowledge and Transparency, that we have created all together, LABELZ NUTRITION.

The objective is simple: to have a food supplement shop that puts the consumer first, suitable for sports coaches and their students. Being all passionate, we pass on all our knowledge. We want to have the best product sheets, so that each page of the website is a place for sharing, learning and mutual support.”


The handyman

“I am Tristan, better known as Tristank! Above all, I am passionate about bodybuilding and everything that surrounds it (training science and nutrition science). I am also a competitor in this field with a small track record including French Champion / IFBB Vice Champion, Winner NPC PRO Qualifier Iceland in 2019.

At Labelz, I do everything! Search for products, creation of product sheets, supplier orders, sending orders, relationship and recruitment with our sponsored etc. I actually manage the main axes of Labelz-nutrition!

I wanted to be part of this project because I worked for 4 years in a company of the same nature, so it's first of all a few things that I like to do! Also, I like to be able to offer the best in this area which, unfortunately, is the subject of many scams. This project to make quality and to be totally transparent with the client is what is added to my activity as a sports coach in order to offer my clients what is best, as well as myself because I am also a consumer of what we sell!

As said before, I am also a distance sports coach, I offer ultra-personalized coaching designed on demand for all types of people and goals! I then obviously use food supplements, this is the key that makes a program 200% optimized.

Nowadays, not being deficient is a challenge! This is the reason why I use supplements to fill potential deficiencies that increasingly affect the population and make us vulnerable and slow down the progress and optimal functioning of the body. Supplements are also in my opinion sometimes more potent than certain medications when used wisely, in the right form and at the right time.

My future projects are to continue to develop the Labelz-Nutrition project and show how supplements are a huge ally in public and sports health. Change mentalities towards food supplements and make a name for yourself in other areas of health other than sport.

Finally, continuing to evolve, changing the lives of my students, and pushing my knowledge further and further in the field of nutrition and training are also my long-term goals!”


The digitized guy

“Freshly graduated from my master's degree in marketing and digital business in business school, I arrived at Labelz at the launch of this major project.

Former Optician, I left at the end of my optical studies in Australia for a year. This year allowed me to know what I really wanted to do. From there, Digital Marketing in the fitness/bodybuilding sector has become the area in which I want to invest and develop myself.

Labelz nutrition is a wonderful project in which I have the chance to participate and be able to develop by contributing my paw! It is also an opportunity for me to combine work and passion because I have been passionate about and practicing bodybuilding for a few years now!

Currently, I mainly take care of the communication and digital marketing part for Labelz.

Isabelle FUZEAU

The nutrition expert

“Graduated with a DUT in Biological Engineering, Biological and Biochemical Analysis, a Master's in Human Health Nutrition (University of Bordeaux) and a Master's in Food Science (Laval University, Quebec), I am currently a Research & Development Engineer in nutrition at Labelz-Nutrition.

My main objective is to share my knowledge about nutrition in general and especially about food supplements which I have made my specialty. It is through blog articles, product sheets, Instagram posts, IGTV, E-books or training on food supplements that I share this knowledge.

Transparency is my main value in this job, the desire to help and respond to certain prevention and health issues, my second.

Thus, it is through my coaching for individuals that I help people to regain good health, to achieve their goals and above all, to be completely autonomous in their way of eating.

It is through my work at Labelz-Nutrition that we allow people to have access to quality products with real benefits, to understand what they can bring them in their daily activities and health, but above all to have access to a multitude of information to always learn more about the field of health, nutrition and food supplements.

Finally, it is through training on food supplements that I teach sports coaches and I hope also other professionals in the world of sport and health to understand the importance of food supplements in their diet. and in that of their customers.

Health is unique and far too precious to wait until it is at its lowest to react. Prevention should be the first medicine, and this inevitably involves nutrition adapted to you and your specific needs.


The scientist

“As I approach the end of my Master 2 Nutrition & Human Health, I have been collaborating with Labelz-Nutrtion for several months and occupy a position as an engineer in Research & Development in nutrition.

My main objectives within the company are first of all to popularize various complex scientific subjects. In order to make various aspects of biology accessible to all in the form of scientific training, developed on the basis of the latest scientific data. And the second objective is, through my studies and my knowledge of biochemistry, to develop the best possible food supplements.

Our common goal with Labelz is to finally offer customers products that actually work, putting health and efficiency first.

Above all, I want to raise awareness of the beauty of the biological sciences. It is true that at first glance, scientific sources are intimidating and seem inaccessible to the uninitiated. But it is time to open wide the doors of knowledge so that everyone can understand how and why the body works in this way; how nutrition affects our whole body; and how it is possible to optimize our vital functions.”


The scholar

“Having taken part in the LabZ adventure since March 2021, I am involved in research and development in nutrition. Coming from a scientific course, with a degree in biology, specializing in biochemistry , and in the last year of a master's degree in Human Health Nutrition, all the rigor acquired over these years is transmitted in my work.

Ambitious, I work, in parallel, as a micro-entrepreneur, while learning about various subjects that particularly fascinate me. Indeed, cooking, psychology, neuroscience, bodybuilding, and more specifically athletic strength (or powerlifting, for English speakers) as well as the field of health occupy all my time. I look forward to competing in powerlifting/powerlifting competitions and am doing everything I can to compete in my first competition by next year.

Wanting to have the most global but precise approach possible, I believe that it is necessary to learn again and again every day. The objective is to be better than what I was the day before, whether in terms of physical performance, mentality or my know-how and my know-how. It is on these bases that I would build my career.

Being in collaboration with Labz allows me to learn about areas such as marketing, product development and communication while bringing a scientific perspective to the various content and projects offered. The coming year, as a work-study student at Labz, promises to be rich in learning and projects. Stay connected😉

Our gold contract coaches;

The coaches under “GOLD” contract are those who are the most active on Labelz Nutrition, in other words, who make the most sales via their promo code, who do Instagram lives to talk about the store, Instagram posts and stories, articles on their site, etc. Although all our sponsored coaches are an integral part of the Labelz Nutrition project, GOLD coaches benefit from privileges, in recognition of their extensive investment in the project.

Anyone can become a “GOLD” coach, all you have to do is continue your investment with the Labelz store and community and your contract will go to the next level! You will then also benefit from your little personalized presentation on this page!

Maelle Tapia

“A graduate coach since 2016, I first practiced indoors and have now been exclusively online since the end of 2019.  I like to change the lives of my students, make them happy and above all work on their vision of their bodies, food... Working on the mind remains one of the dominant points in my follow-ups. I also manage people with ED.

I attach great importance to the quality of the supplements, because they can be of great help for certain disorders. We can make huge changes with these, so it made sense for me to be part of the Labelz team, since the quality is there. No need to complement each other if the quality is poor.

My coaching is like me, benevolent, complete and adapted. I take care of each student and provide quality follow-up for each of them.“

Anthony Trevisan

Practicing bodybuilding for 15 years by passion, it is quite naturally that I decided to make it my job.

I focus my monitoring on metabolism as a whole. Metabolism is a reflection of who we are. It is the history of the past, the present that you are and the future that awaits you.

This also encompasses the environment around you, your genetics, your lifestyle, your sports background... I also specialize in endocrinology and the various associated disorders in order to broaden my range of knowledge and be able to offer help to the as many people as possible. I also do follow-ups for competitors, fat loss, muscle gain, competition preparations and sports events (police, firefighters).

Nowadays, it is easy to see that the quality of our current diet has deteriorated. The foods found in our supermarkets are no longer as rich in vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients. The road to good health has become a real labyrinth. It is very difficult not to be deficient today. Going through supplementation has almost become unavoidable. It is important to remember that deficiencies in vitamins and minerals can cause significant damage to our health and metabolism. This is why the use of food supplements is strongly recommended in order to avoid any deficiencies and to ensure that you remain in good health.

In addition, the food supplement market is a challenge in itself. There are more and more products and brands. The products offered are 90% absolutely non-qualitative.

Labelz nutrition has a concept that immediately appealed to me. It is a shop created by physical trainers for sports coaches and their students. This means that the team behind this concept is a team of enthusiasts who practice and remain mindful of what they consume. It is quite naturally that they wanted to transcribe their desire to bring the best to the greatest number within the LABEL'Z concept itself.

Finally, I fully identify with the values ​​put forward: OBJECTIVITY, KNOWLEDGE AND TRANSPARENCY. It is therefore quite natural that I joined the LAB'Z team in order to allow people who trust me to benefit from the best.”

Naomi Garciau

I developed my activity as an online nutrition coach to guide you in your daily life. My goal so far is to help you achieve your goals regardless of the constraints, & make you independent in the long term.

My promise ? Teach you to eat healthy, varied and with pleasure, not just to lose weight, but for life.

Through my social networks, I have succeeded and continue to transmit beautiful values. Your goal is mine, and seeing you succeed is my greatest pride.