ButtBuilder - Elastic buttocks

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  • High resistance
  • Maximum comfort
  • Multi-exercise band
  • Non-slip interior
  • Easy to use
  • All-in-one accessory
  • Boosts exercise effects for faster results
  • Size corresponds to intensity level (S to L)
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ButtBuilder - Elastic buttocks

17,50 €

ButtBuilder - Elastic buttocks

17,50 €
size : S

Easy to use and space-saving, the Glute Builder BodyTrainerZ is truly the essential sports accessory for working the lower body and especially the glutes.

Thanks to the high resistance it provides, each movement and exercise during a sports session requires greater effort, which then works the targeted muscle more intensively, thereby increasing muscle gain faster (and significantly).

The lightweight and convenient format of our Glute exercise band Builder makes it a simple accessory to use at any time and carry anywhere, for workouts at the gym, at home, while traveling... Bref, the famous "where you want, when you want"


At BodyTrainerZ, to be sure of our products, we always test them before offering them to you, and the exercise bands have not escaped Rule. This is how we noted 2 major and recurring problems with this kind of accessories:

1 - the bands often stretch as the uses (and are no longer strong enough to be of real interest).

2 - bands that are too thin roll on themselves and do not stay flat, use them becomes very uncomfortable and can even injure.

Much wider, stronger, thicker and stiffer than conventional exercise bands, the Glute Builder BodyTrainerZ, made of 70% Polyester and 30% latex,does not deform over time and stays in place with every movement, to offer the best possible comfort and guarantee unparalleled performance!


If we insist on the practicality of the Glute Builder, it's not just for its "easy to use, easy to transport" aspect but also because it is a complete sports training accessory, which adapts to all levels (from beginner to advanced/pro) and allows you to work many areas of the body in a very intensive and/or more targeted way .

Depending on the objective, there are dozens of different exercises to achieve the desired result effectively and quickly.


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