Food supplement training

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The first complete training on food supplements and their use!

This training was designed with the aim of allowing all types of people and above all, of all educational levels , to have access to complete training in the field of food supplements!

Whether you are a sports coach , dietician...

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Food supplement training

550,00 €

Food supplement training

550,00 €

Food Supplements Training

- Our training -

Accessible for life

No time limit imposed to follow the training. So you can learn at your own pace and at any time.

Unique on the market

The only training on the market to address food supplements as a whole.


The chapters are released gradually over time in order to better understand the concepts and content of the training.
Thanks to this training, the world of food supplements will no longer hold any secrets for you!
More than one in two people consume food supplements BUT few people know that what they are consuming and, in general, low quality.
There is no training in the world of food supplements, which does not help to know this world well.

So we wanted to deal with this problem!





So many factors impact the effectiveness of a dietary supplement.

This is the percentage of French people convinced of the benefits of food supplements

Training for a ton of information!

Complete : This training covers all aspects relating to food supplements.
➢ The place of food supplements in our diet
➢ The specific needs of each type of profile (athlete, pregnant woman . ). °

Discover the complete training program
I – Introduction & General
In this part, we answer the following question: What are food supplements?
Here are the main points of this first part:
➬ The definition of a food supplement➬ The goals of a food supplement➬ The difference between supplementation and complementation➬ Why should we take food supplements➬ Current regulations➬ Study of the profile of people: ☉ The general population

☉ Sports people
☉ Pregnant and breastfeeding women☉ Children
☉ Elderly people
☉ Vegetarians/links
☉ Sick people.

In this part, there will also be a reminder of the main physiological functions of the body. This allows you to better approach the rest of the training. Thus, the endocrine, nervous, immune, digestive, renal and hepatic systems will be briefly highlighted.

II – The choice of food supplement

Here, the chapters will focus on How to choose a food supplement?

Here are the main points:

➬ The different types of supplements
➬ Know how to choose the right form➬ Know how to read the composition (ingredients to avoid, unnecessary additives, etc.)➬ Study the effective dosages of each ingredient ➬ Study the synergies between supplementation and food➬ Check the incompatibilities between molecules➬ Learn to read a scientific study III - Know how to recognize scams This section will focus on the scams found on the market. ➬ Marketing claims and phrases➬ Percentages of labeled/patented raw materials➬ Degree of hydrolyzation➬ Amino spiking➬ Forms of assimilation➬ False labels➬ Conflicts of interest IV -Learning to use food supplements After seeing the definition, the goals, how to choose a food supplement and the scams on the market, this section will answer the question How to use food supplements properly? Here are the main points: ➬ Know study the need (deficiency, deficiency, symptoms, etc.)➬ Choose a supplement according to the profiles/symptoms➬ Find the appropriate dosage (clinical studies, books, dosage, etc.)➬ Know how to combine nutrition and supplementation➬ Medicine vs. dietary supplement➬ “Excess is the enemy of good”: work in stages➬ Check for incompatibilities and potential dangersIn addition to all that, you will have summary sheets for each supplement!
Applicable: Go from theory to practice easily!
➢ Easily apply the knowledge learned to better consume food supplements
É educational: Gain a better understanding of the usefulness of dietary supplements.
➢ And above all, don't be fooled by the scams on the market!

This training is waiting for you

Is the training complete or scalable?
The training on Food Supplements is scalable. The courses are released gradually over time in order to better understand the amount of information.
Is the diploma certifying?
No, to date the diploma obtained following the success of all the quizzes is not certifying. However, we do the administrative procedures so that the training becomes certifying.
How long does it take to complete the training?
This training is information dense given the number of detailed disorders. Thus, from the first lesson to the conclusion, it takes about 100 hours of training.
This time counts reading, understanding and learning information.
What diploma do you get at the end of the training?

I have a question or a remark about the training, how can I May I contact you?
For any comments or questions regarding the training, you can send us an e-mail to the following address: formation@labelz-nutrition. com
Our Research and Development team will answer you as soon as possible.
Who are the authors of the training?
For this training on food supplements, many people have contributed.
The main author of this training is Isabelle Fuzeau, double graduate of a Master's degree in Health Nutrition from the University of Bordeaux and a Master's degree in Food Science from Laval University in Quebec City.
Loïk and Alexis, our two Research and Development engineers, participated in writing the chapters present in the first section. We also find the contribution of Tristan, our B2B manager and coach. Finally, Trevisan Anthony participated in the writing of some physiological reminders.
To learn more about them, here is their Instagram:
Isabelle's Instagram
Loïk's Instagram
Alexis' Instagram
Tristan's Instagram
Anthony's Instagram


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