Glycobol Cluster Dextrin® - Yamamoto 500g

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  • Timed release carbohydrate
  • Allows you to conserve energy throughout the session
  • Very fast absorption
  • Cluster Dextrin® Next Generation Carbohydrate
Allows you to conserve energy throughout the session Voir plus
taste: Lemon
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Glycobol Cluster Dextrin® - Yamamoto 500g

25,90 €

Glycobol Cluster Dextrin® - Yamamoto 500g

25,90 €
taste: Lemon
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What is that ?

Extremely pure Cluster Dextrin® Cyclic Dextrin from Japanese producer Glico Nutrition is a new type of glucose polymer that is formulated by the reaction between waxy maize with a particular enzyme, forming a cyclic structure.

The result gives a glucose polymer with ideal properties of use:

  • An average molecular weight of 160,000 Da
  • Very low osmolarity
  • Very rapid gastric emptying.

Cyclic Dextrin is a further evolution of Vitargo, "Waxy Maize" maize and Karbolyn, which are already on the market.

Simply put, this results in a carbohydrate that is easier for your body to absorb, while maintaining the gradual release of starch. The result is a carb that helps you train harder, longer, and recover faster.


Osmolarity is a unit of measurement widely used in chemistry to denote concentrations of solutions, and indicates the total number of molecules and ions present in one liter of solution.
Thus, the osmolarity of a solution increases as the number of particles increases.

This characteristic partly explains why high molecular weight carbohydrates are also able to replenish glycogen stores faster than other carbohydrates.
The “speed” characteristic also acts as a more potent glycemic and insulin response in favor of glycogen synthesis.

To summarize the features of this product:

Prolonged energy release: Thanks to its high molecular weight, Cluster Dextrin® provides constant energy throughout the workout. Cluster Dextrin® is gradually absorbed by the body which allows a gradual release of insulin.

Improved sports performance: Cluster Dextrin® increases endurance, reduces fatigue and improves recovery after training. It allows a high energy intake by supplying the body with glycogen and promotes the resynthesis of muscle glycogen after exercise, which allows faster recovery.

Digestive comfort: The Cluster Dextrin® has a major point, it does not weigh on the stomach, which improves performance without feeling discomfort. Cluster Dextrin® has a very short passage time in the stomach which allows it to be assimilated very quickly by the body which allows an immediate energy supply.

Nutritional Information

Warnings: Food supplements should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children. If you are taking a treatment or you are a pregnant or breastfeeding woman, we recommend that you consult a medical opinion before taking this food supplement. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

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