Nootropic Brain Gains - 300g

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  • Ultimate nootropic
  • 7 patented ingredients
  • mental clarity
  • Increases cognitive functions
  • Short and long term memory
  • Learning speed, decision making, concentration
  • Caffeine free
Need a boost? Brain Gains is a sugar-free energy supplement that boosts productivity, mental performance, energy and focus. Voir plus
taste: Gold Rush
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Nootropic Brain Gains - 300g

Nootropic Brain Gains - 300g

36,90 €

Nootropic Brain Gains - 300g

36,90 €
taste: Gold Rush
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What is it?

Brain Gains is the ultimate, caffeine-free, nootropic supplement that boosts the mind and can be taken throughout the day to boost productivity, physical performance, energy and focus.
Brain Gains also contains patented (label) research-validated ingredients to enhance brain function, such as memory, creativity, mood and motivation, while reducing anxiety.


The term "nootropic" refers to to supplements for the brain that are able to increase cognitive functions: short and long-term memory, learning speed, decision-making, intelligence, neurogenesis.

Most of them often have other benefits, such as better motivation, better alertness, reduced anxiety, calming effect, increased self-confidence, a decrease in depressive symptoms or an improvement in the quality of sleep.

However, nootropics are in no way a substitute for a good night's sleep, an active lifestyle, or a healthy diet. These are the 3 main pillars for having a healthy body and brain.

Nootropics will reveal their full effectiveness and show their maximum potential when these 3 pillars are optimized, and will probably be a little less effective when they are. Your body needs to work at its best to awaken the full power of your brain!

Nootropics work by modulating neuronal metabolism, brain oxygenation, availability of neurotransmitters (such as dopamine or serotonin), by increasing the secretion of neurotrophic factors (molecules that improve brain plasticity, a process

Brain Gains includes no less than 7 labeled ingredients with unique properties on cognitive performance

TeaCrine®: patented compound that provides energy and activates dopamine receptors for better motivation.

SerinAid® is an effective nutrient that can help maintain and improve mental performance - memory, learning, concentration , focus, recall - and can help improve mood.

AlphaSize®: Advanced choline compound that improves brain metabolism. it increases the release of acetylcholine, the main chemical neurotransmitter in the body and brain, which is why it is often considered a mind-to-muscle ingredient.

Ashwagandha KSM66®: Ashwagandha is one of the "adaptogen" plants, which have the property of helping the body to adapt to the various stresses that affect it.

Enxtra®: First and only botanical ingredient proven to provide same-day effect and improve alertness and concentration up to 5 hours with and without caffeine.

Zynamite®: A patented extract of Mangifera indica ideal for boosting mental energy

Zembrin®: Zembrin is the first Sceletium extract studied and clinically developed by an international team of scientists and of doctors.

Current French legislation does not allow us to further mention the benefits of each labeled ingredient, we invite you to look directly on the site of each label for each benefit or advantage.



Evaluate your tolerance first by using a beginner's portion of 7.5g (1/2 scoop) with 250ml of cold water and take 20min before activity.

Once tolerance has been assessed, you can increase to a recommended dose of 15g per serving with 500ml of water.

Beginner (7.5g) Can be taken up to twice a day.
Advanced (15g) Do not exceed a serving of 15g.

Nutritional Values ​​


Contains 300g or 40 portions of 7.5g or 20 portions of 15g (depending on your tolerance).

Warnings: Do not exceed the recommended dose. Does not replace a varied and balanced diet. Consult a healthcare practitioner if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or undergoing medication treatment. Put out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place, away from light and moisture.


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