Himalayan pink salt - 1kg Koro

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  • 100% natural and unrefined
  • To refine all dishes
  • Favorable packaging 1 kg
To refine your dishes, do not hesitate to take advantage of pink Himalayan salt for its high content of minerals and iron. Voir plus
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Himalayan pink salt - 1kg Koro

6,90 €

Himalayan pink salt - 1kg Koro

6,90 €
Product Description

Two hundred and fifty million years ago, when the planet was a pristine ecosystem, there was a primeval sea where these iconic mountains now stand. The Himalayas were formed approximately 40 to 50 million years ago when, due to the movement of tectonic plates, India collided with Eurasia.

As the plates fell into place, the sea evaporated, and its vital minerals crystallized beautifully in the sun's rays, forming what is known as the pink salt of the Himalayas. Due to these unique conditions, the purest form of sea salt was produced. Himalayan pink salt is considered one of the best sources of natural minerals on earth and gets its pink hue from its high mineral and iron content.

When Himalayan salt dissolves in water, it creates a concentrated mixture, containing no fewer than 84 trace minerals that match those found in our bodies. These traces are not found in refined, bleached and processed table salt.

The reason this mineral-rich ionic solution is so nourishing is that the salt is the right size to be easily absorbed and metabolized by the cells of the human body.


Considered one of the best salts in the world, Himalayan salt is exceptionally pure and natural because it has not undergone any treatment and contains no additives.

The mines have been exploited in a traditional way for more than 2000 years. Pink Himalayan Salt is also renowned for its richness in minerals (iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, copper, manganese, phosphorus and zinc) and in trace elements.

Nutritional information

100% Crystal Himalayan salt

Advice for use:

To be used as table salt on your dishes

Dilute in bath water to detoxify

Scrub, exfoliating treatment

Tips from our professionals

Review of a coach

Himalayan pink salt is an excellent alternative to classic table salt which is refined and undergoes transformation processes.
Warning! This salt does not contain iodine, please consume enough (via supplementation for example) to ensure a good synthesis of your thyroid hormones.

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